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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“With the winter weather coming in and all my ponies on their holidays, I decided to head to the Ascot sales to pick up a project… however typically in Roo Fox style I never made it as I forgot I was meant to be at a christening! Luckily a friend Adam Johnson was there, and he picked me up a horse that could only be described as a ‘hat rack’. He is now known as JD, and is a 5 year old gelding. The next day Michael Blanchard called me and said he had a 4 year old filly for me, so she also arrived and is now called Nemo. She looked much better than JD!

JD has been on GlobalVite, MuscleUp and Acid-X and now looks absolutely fab. He is jumping a little grid and working really nicely on the flat. My horses are turned out a lot and Nemo started to drop condition. After a clean vet check I put her on WinterBoost and I’m pleased to say her coat is looking much better and she is putting the pounds back on. She too is going nicely on the flat, and having never jumped before ( she was a flat racing horse) is proving to be really bold and careful.

I’m really excited for these two as they have such brilliant attitudes. It’s such a shame that racehorses have a bad reputation as I think these ponies could be really good. I will keep you posted…”


acid-x-1kg-front globalvite-3kg-front muscle-up-1kg-front winter-boost-1kg-front


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