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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“So, after we returned from Pau, I got bored so I entered the two new horses, Clive and Jess, to Aston le Walls unaffiliated. Jess is an experienced horse but wasn’t behaving for her previous rider, so I have her in to sell. Clive is a new Ruth Wollerton horse, he is a bit weak so he has been on Global Herbs MuscleUp and is looking like a different horse.

Clive was entered into the 90 class, and Jess in the 100. Clive had never seen dressage boards so we weren’t sure what to expect, but he was very brave and put in a good test. Jess did a stonking test, despite being first in to the ring, and scored a fab 28 to be lying second. She did a stunning clear SJ and we set out for XC in the bitterly cold wind. To add to the wind the heavens opened, and before we even made it to jump one we were soaked and I couldn’t see much in front of me. She was going awesomely, then we came through the water and then there was nothing but ducks… hundreds of them!! They took off as we approached them and there were so many and they were so close that one actually flew into my hat! Jess didn’t think this was a safe place to be and went sideways sharply, sadly catching her over reach boot and giving her a very nasty cut. She became hopping lame four strides away from a fence, however I felt the right thing was to pull her up and have a look. I hopped off and checked her over, the cut wasn’t too bad and I think she went hopping because it was all a bit of a shock. I got back on and she was sound so I carried on and completed, even nearly catching up with the time, but sadly the fence judge gave us a stop. It didn’t make sense to me , because if it counted as a stop surely it should have been a fall, since I got off, but hey ho, that’s the sport!

Clive hasn’t really seen a filler before and was putting in massive jumps. Sadly this meant we missed a corner and I over rode him into the double, taking both parts with me. Rider error, very annoying. However, he did put in a fab XC round, having only ever schooled once, so he was forgiven and I’m looking forward to next season with him.”


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