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Roo Fox Update

Chris Price

“Having just arrived home from Romania, with Tig looking pretty good from travelling and competing we decided to go to Pau. We thought he may be tired from Romania and therefore may produce a nice test! I had my trusty side kick Lyn Phelps with me again and we travelled there in a day and a half, very easy compared to the long days to get to Romania. We stabled over night at Le Mans on the way and met The Broome Driving team, who were from the David Broome centre in Wales and were also headed to Pau. We toured their amazing lorry, it had pull out stables, unreal, though apparently common.

Parking is tight at Pau, everyone had to squeeze (and I mean squeeze) in, luckily we were parked next to Tom Crisp and my gorgeous friend Alberto Hermoso Farras, who I bought Donkey and numerous other horses from. Tig sailed through the first trot up, so this cheered me up.

Tigga was outstanding all week working on the flat and the heavy going in the warm up arena helped, so I went into the test feeling positive… Idiot. He was an arse and once again I left the arena crying. Sooooooo embarrassing! Especially when Simone Bragg came to my stables to check on me despite her husband about to go in for his test. They are the most amazing, nicest, brilliant couple and I’m so thrilled he finished 5th!

XC day dawns and I’m not on till 3.50 – I had made my plan to go steady as the ground went from slippy to deep sand to perfect and I wanted to actually complete. The course caused carnage and Tig popped round like it was an Intermediate! I was so chuffed and he pulled up looking great. We then went through a long night of icing, walking, claying and then repeating. Lyn and I did not party nor did we sleep much. It was clear by 4.30am that Tigs had stiffened up in front and behind. We massaged him and tried everything but he just wasn’t sound enough to present. So awful after taking it slow and working all night. I wished I had gone for the time XC, but hey ho easy to say in hindsight.

That ends my season, so now it is time for pressure washing and painting stables, clearing out the tack room and the lorry – oh joy of joys. I want to thank my sponsors Global Herbs for supporting me and keeping all my melee of animals on the road!”




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