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RigCalm – Sammy’s Review

Chris Price

“We recently decided to try RigCalm on our 10 year old Gypsy Cob gelding due to his behaviour around mares. He was used as a stallion up until 2 years ago when he was castrated. We bought him a year ago, and we soon noticed his stallion-like behaviour.

He was possessive over mares, claiming them and chasing any other gelding away. He even ran our youngster through the fence at one point. After a show we decided to try RigCalm because of his stallion like behaviour in the ring. He’d been on the supplement for just 2 days and already I noticed a huge improvement, even in his work. He is far more relaxed and much less anxious. He was even able to concentrate on what I was asking him to do. I was worried the supplement would either not work or give him that sedated appearance which is certainly not the case.

Thank you Global Herbs for the amazing work you do, helping both horses and their owners with supplements that really do work.”



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