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RigCalm – Holly & Flicker

Chris Price

Holly wrote in to us after seeing great results with our RigCalm supplement:

“I’m completely in awe of how well this supplement has worked for Flicker. I can’t quite believe the change is in his behaviour since feeding Rigcalm which is why I felt I had to write to you.

I am fully accepting of the fact that Flicker will always be an ‘expressive’ pony; high-spirited and on his toes. These aspects of his personality don’t bother me, they make him the charismatic boy that he’s loved for. However I put Flicker on RigCalm after his behaviour just became more difficult to handle over time. His concentration was seriously lacking making any form of schooling at times impossible and often miserable for us both. I couldn’t even get him in from the field without him being stupid due to not wanting to leave ‘his’ mares behind. Life was just one big damage limitation exercise and I felt terrible, not just for him but also the other owner I field share with – a worry for her too!

I mentioned to you previously how unpredictable he became in show environments too. I couldn’t trust him to just stand quietly with other horses – countless times I had people approach and ask ‘Is he a stallion?’ Nope…. ‘Why does he act like that then?’ – so we stopped taking him anywhere for fear of hurting somebody. I realised I hadn’t really been enjoying owning him liked I once did.

I’m so glad I got into contact with Global Herbs, RigCalm has completely changed his outlook on life. It has taken the edge off of him in the hormonal behaviour sense and I can’t even begin to tell you how well I can finally school him. He’s just amazing and a true pleasure to have and ride now. We even put his new-found coolness to the ultimate test by taking him to a large, popular show centre near us in Essex to have a go at some unaffiliated show jumping – we had a long wait and he fell asleep standing outside of the ring among a busy crowd of other horses, loud children, barking dogs etc… I had to wake him up for the first time ever to go in and jump our round. Completely unbelievable and unheard of!

The main point I want to stress about this product though is that it doesn’t just numb the horse in every possible way. He’s still his fast and responsive – unbelievably responsive – self, with a real buzz about life… Just without the nuisance naughty boy behaviour. He’s a pleasure. The result RigCalm has produced has done us both a world of good and I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you so much.”

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