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Rebecca Cowderoy Update – Myerscough Premier League

Chris Price

Things are getting busy for Rebecca, with a trip to Myerscough Premier League last week, and Keysoe CDI this week!

“I took Lisci up north to Myerscough Premier League at the start of the month. I was a bit apprehensive as I’d had a lot of problems with her biting her lip throughout the week leading up to the competition. The journey up there took longer than expected as the traffic was extremely slow so we arrived at about 7pm. I then rode her and gave her a good stretch and she felt lovely and relaxed. We then got her settled into her temporary stable for the first of four nights.

The next day I wasn’t on until the afternoon for the PSG, but I wanted to do the arena walk and give her a stretch so I was back on her at 7am, again she was very relaxed. I wished she’d been the same when I brought her out for my test in the afternoon. She was very hot in the warm up and quite tense, and when she’s like that she’s not supple enough and she blocks me. Even with this the test didn’t start off too badly, until I’d just finished the trot work and the bell went. I knew I hadn’t gone wrong, so I knew straight away she must have bitten her lip! It was most frustrating but these things happen, the marks I got before this happened were very good.

I had a new plan for the next day. I rode her first thing then put her away, plaited her up and rode her again late morning. Both times she felt super relaxed and was ready for my Inter 1 later. She produced a much better test than the day before with some lovely moments, but she got a bit tight in the walk and our pirouettes could have been better. We scored +67% for 9th place in a big class where the marking was very low. I was disappointed with our mark and other riders thought I deserved more, but I was just relived to get through the test.

The final day we had the Inter 1 Freestyle. Lisci had never done a test to music before and I hadn’t done one at that level before so I knew it could be interesting, and it was part of the gala evening so there was a big crowd. She was really very good she did get a bit lit up with the crowd but gave them a nice performance. I was slightly behind my music after the trot work so had to adjust my walk slightly, but my final centre line in extended canter to halt was spot on with music and square. I needed to drop her neck a little more and think about riding the movements more than listening to the music, but I’m sure next time it will be better. It was a good start with 68% and 4th place. Lisci thoroughly enjoyed the mounted prize giving, although she couldn’t understand what was going on when I tacked her up at 10:30pm – she thought she should be tucked up in bed relaxing!  I made the floor plan last year when she was less established so I now need to make it more complicated for a greater degree of difficulty. I’m also tempted to change the music, so I’ll do all of this over next couple of months. We travelled back the next morning to make it easier on Lisci and us.

While I was at Myerscough I had the great news that I’d been choosen to represent Great Britain at Keysoe CDI taking place this week. I’m very excited and can’t wait to compete again and improve my scores. I have had the dentist out to see what he could do about her biting her lip. He’s done a great job which I think may have worked, but only time will tell.

I’ve been very busy teaching and riding, and trying to fit it all in around my competitions. I was teaching at the local Riding Club over the weekend and have a very busy start of this week as we’re leaving for Keysoe early on Thursday morning.

Exciting times ahead for this season and Rabbit also got a wild card for the Novice Freestyle Gold to go with her Novice Gold Qualification for the Winter Championship at Hartpury in April. I was also in horse and hound with Rabbit twice in one issue! (See below)

I will keep you updated as to how I get on at Keysoe. I’m always putting updates onto my Facebook page so don’t forget to check!”


Rabbit in H&H 2Rabbit in H&H


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