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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

“I took Rabbit (Hibimona) to Quainton Stud to do her first ever Novice tests. A big ask for a 4 year old but she coped brilliantly. Bar a few green mistakes which effected our marks I was delighted with her, she’s got such a bright future. She won the Novice 23 with 70.62% and was 3rd in Novice 39 with 69.62%. One judge wrote ‘super horse one to watch for the future’. She should only need one more outing to qualify for the Novice Gold winter regional.

I gave one of my clients a lesson on her recently as well. This was the first time she’d had another person on her since November and she was a complete superstar and did everything asked of her, my client loved her.

Lisci is still on a break but she’s starting to get bored so I may start hacking her out a bit, and she’s also being eaten alive by the horse flies, she’s really not too impressed!! I’ve finally found a feed she likes. I’d been having great problems getting her to eat her supplements so I thought it was those that she didn’t like but it turns out it was the different chaff I had tried. I don’t think she liked the dust in the bottom of her bowl! She’s now on ReadiGrass and loves it, even with her supplements, great result! Rabbit’s not so keen but it’s good for her as it slows her down as she’s greedy and nearly chokes herself on other chaff!

I’m moving into the new yard very soon so it’s all a bit stressful but exciting, I’ll be a lot happier once I’m in there and the new arenas built!

As far as competitions go there is not that much left for this year. Rabbit will do more Novices although should be qualified next time out so I may have a crack at a Novice Freestyle. Lisci only has the National Championships at PSG, she didn’t need to do a regional as she won at Keysoe Premier League. I’m also hoping to get a wild card for the Inter 1 with her 71+% score and 2nd place at Hicksted Premier League in a big class, so fingers crossed. Then winter training and all the hard work will commence to get her spot on for next year.”


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