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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

“As you may have seen/heard, I didn’t have the best time at Harpury! I think it may have been one outing too many for Lisci in such a short space of time. She was very spooky, tense and extremely hot! This all contributed to a very poor test on Friday, although there were some mega bits at times which were rewarded but she was so tense she wasn’t on my aids in changes which was extremely costly and there were some other big mistakes. It wasn’t helped by the arena steward waving a white board around right in front of us and a marquee catching a gust of wind, this all happened just before we went down the centre line and was the final nail in the coffin really.

A lady from HRP equestrian who make saddle pads that are scientifically proven to allow the horse to move more freely by taking the pressure off the horses back, where a conventional saddle cloth pulls tight across the horses back, sponsored me a duel wing dressage saddle pad to try on Saturday. I definitely felt the different when walking down to the arena but hard to tell once I was warning up as she was so spooky and tense. I will try it on Rabbit to see if it really makes a difference.

Saturday I was hoping for an improved test but unfortunately she was much the same as the day before maybe a little less tense but even more spooky so I wasn’t expecting great things before we went in. We completed our trot work and were on the extended walk when the judges bell went, I looked down and saw a small amount of blood in her mouth. She had bitten her lip so we were eliminated. I was absolutely gutted it definitely was not the international debut I had hoped for! Lisci’s lip is fine and had stopped bleeding by the time we got back into warm up arena. I think the break will do her lots of good and then she can do a week of hacking after that.

Rabbit is going very well and getting much stronger, I’m taking her to Quainton Stud next Wednesday to do two novice tests will be interesting to see how she gets on at that level.

I am moving into my new yard on the 1st August which is very exciting but also quite daunting and finances will be quite tight for the first couple of months. My landlords are putting a new arena in which will be very nice and I’m super excited. I have just purchased a solarium for the new yard from Drimee who do the most fantastic products. I already have one of their rug driers, they have sponsored me some free products for my wash down area worth over £400 I’m so grateful to them as this will help me set up. I’ve now got to start advertising for competition/sales/schooling liveries. It’s defiantly exciting times.”

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