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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

“Addington Premier League went well as you might have seen on Facebook. Lisci didn’t feel very nice warming up on the first day and neither did the tests! We did however managed to finish 2nd in the PSG much to my surprise! The Inter 1 that day didn’t go so well lots of big mistakes although she did feel a bit better than in the PSG, but far too many mistakes to get a good score! The second day was a day of two 5th places in the PSG (45 in class) and Inter 1, although she felt much better than the previous day she just didn’t quite have her usual spark. I was very pleased with out PSG but it didn’t quite get the mark it deserved although the judges had a big difference in opinion, one had us winning other 4th and the other in 20th! Our Inter 1 was better than the previous day but by this point Lisci was quite tired so there were lots of small mistakes but I was very happy with her and on a day when she’s less there is a lots more to come. We did get lots of 8’s and lovely comments from the judges. I don’t know if it was the heat that caught Lisci out or that she may have been in season this may of contributed to her being a bit flat but I can’t complain with a 2nd and two 5th places from 4 tests. I did get most of my entry fees back bar £10 which was very helpful as its not cheap!

I had planed to go to Somerford Park premier league with her but they closed the entries early so I will now have to look to plan B and Wellington premier league!

I took Rabbit (Hibmona) to do a Shearwater Young horse qualifier at Hunters on 1st may, she did a lovely 1st round test with a couple of little baby wobbles. We were placed 3rd after first round so went back in for second round judging for top 6 and were promoted to 2nd place and a qualifying spot for the semi finals only that the marks were so ridiculously low that we missed the qualifying minimum score by 0.06!! I couldn’t believe it! There were some lovely horses who deserved higher scores than they got, that’s young horse classes for you but I’m very frustrated!

I felt sorry for Jezz Palmer who was originally in 2nd as he had the qualifying score and would have qualified if I hadn’t been promoted ahead of him. He did go on to win the 4yo class at Addington Premier League with the same horse! This means I now need to enter another qualifier which is such a pain!

I’m not going to compete her for a couple of weeks now as she has been a little nappy and I just want a bit of time to sort this out, she’s been great at home so far this week so I don’t think it will be long before I’ve got her through it, then next step will be to see if she behaves herself while out and about. All young horses have a set back and test you at some point!”


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