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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

Team GH’s Rebecca Cowderoy has been out and about with Rabbit (Hibimona), and has pulled in some fantastic results!


“Last week I went off to Addington with Hibimona (Rabbit) to do two Novice tests. She was super and wow, she has really grown up since I last competed her! She felt much more confident and uphill. I’ve been working hard on getting her to sit and push more from behind which in time will encourage her to lift through her shoulder, and it seems to be paying off! We placed 1st in the Novice 23 with 75.45% – she was a complete pleasure to ride in this test and it was her first time in Addington’s International indoor arena, good practise for Regionals. Our Novice 39 wasn’t quite as good she was somewhat distracted so we had a couple of very big mistakes for a score of 70.96% and 2nd place, but I was delighted with her. We had lovely comments from both judges, especially in Novice 39 which I’m sure without the blips would have easily been in excess of 75%. I had a difficult week with her at home prior to Addington. She had been very reluctant to bend to the right, so I changed her back into the drop noseband from the flash and changed her bit too, and that seems to have helped – she’s much happier. I also found she was externally tight in her poll on the left hand side which would explain her right bend issues, so I massaged all the knots out and have been massaging it on a daily basis to release the tightness which has worked a treat. I’m looking forward to taking her to Hunters in February to finish off her Novice qualification and do her first Elementary which I’m very excited about. Then Regionals is the last Sunday in February back at Addington.


Rabbit - Judges Comments


Lisci has been in flying form at home. I’ve been working on her suppleness and the Grand Prix work, in particular the 1x tempi changes and piaffe. We are getting there and I’d like to think we may be able to do an Inter 2 test at some point over next few months. She did get a little bit above herself the other day when I was doing some piaffe work… she reared bolt upright and lost her balance and sat on the ledge of the school, so there is now a Lisci shaped bum print in the soil! She’s going out on 4th February to do her first PSG and Inter 1 since the Nationals in September and her illness, so it will be interesting to see how she gets on. I think she may be rather lively! Then I’m taking her to Myerscough Premier League, and I’ve also applied for some International competitions, both in the UK and abroad.

Ed, my boyfriend, took his horse to do some combined training and he won both classes. We’ve been working very hard on her flatwork as she was very wild when she came to us! She struggles with her balance and if she loses her balance she gets upset. She’s a talented horse and if she’s in the right frame of mind is very capable of schooling at Advanced Medium/PSG. Ed will do some affiliated Prelims on her and I may well do some Novice or Elementary tests with her.

Things at the yard are going well, the new school is in although this weather has been a pain so I’ve had to do most of my riding in the afternoons. I can’t wait for all the landscaping around the arena to be complete in early spring, it will look lovely then. I’ve got a few new liveries arriving and at the moment I still have four spare stables, but I’ve not been advertising as I’m busy with my own and other people’s horses to ride. I’ve got a couple of lovely 4 year olds I ride for Rebecca and Richard Pearce and they’ll be doing Prelim/Novice and Young Horse classes this year.

I am slowly getting there with making improvements to the yard, it will be lovely when it’s all done. I’m also on the lookout for a new lorry, ideally a 4/5 horse HGV with good living for our trips up and down the country and abroad. If there are any companies out there looking to sponsor a rider and have their company promoted, please contact me as I’m always open to ideas to help me follow my dream of competing at the Olympic Games. I am also looking for new rides for 2017 and beyond, so if you’d like to be a part of a thriving team with an exciting future please get in touch!”

Rabbit 1


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