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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

“Rabbit was a star on Sunday. She won her Novice Freestyle in a big class of 23. It wasn’t without drama though as I got heavily marked down for doing 10m trot circles instead of 15m ones, and for doing medium canter on one of my 20m circles which should have been in working canter. When I read the compulsory movements I think I got a bit confused as it seemed far too simple. I’m so used to doing higher level tests!

Never mind, we still won and got a cracking score of 72.5%, which would have been nearer to 80% without my mistakes, even with harsh judging. She was so much better than the weekend before and couldn’t have been happier with her. Just one green 4 year old mistake, but that can be forgiven, she’s such a lovely horse. A train went past when I had done my first halt so I couldn’t hear my music and had to guess when to trot. I was then behind my music in canter work so had to think quickly and slightly alter my transition from canter to trot, but it all fitted perfectly and I still love the music.

She has now qualified for the Winter Regionals in February at Novice Gold and Novice Freestyle Gold. She is now going to have a couple of weeks off to strengthen up and grow, not that she enjoys being in the field!”

Click here to see a video of Rebecca and Rabbit’s test.


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