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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

Rebecca and young horse Rabbit had their Freestyle to Music debut last weekend with brand new music. Here’s how they got on…

“We got the job done at Moreton Morrell and won the Gold section with 72.22%. The test was awful as she wasn’t concentrating so wasn’t really with me. She made 3 big mistakes and our transitions weren’t very good, so considering all that it was a cracking score. I know it can be so much better.

On the bright side the music was fabulous and worked very well. Surprisingly considering all the blips she was on the music all the way through. It was new for both of us it was the first time I’ve done a freestyle to music. I need two scores of 69%+, so I’ve got 1 now and to be honest the test can’t get much worse!

I schooled her yesterday and she was brilliant. She only needs to go like that on Sunday and I’ll be delighted. I can’t wait for her new saddle to arrive – I think it’ll make all the difference as she’s really not comfortable in her own saddle. I’m going to use Lisci’s on Sunday as that seems much better.

Lisci has had a very large and pretty hard lump on her stomach near her stifle since the end of September. My vet wants me to bring her into the surgery so they can scan it but he thinks there is possibly a thorn or something similar in there. This may well have been the start of the bacterial infection that she had. She is in work though and feeling much more herself so I can crack on a bit now.”

Check out the video of Rebecca & Rabbit practising for their Freestyle to Music debut here.


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