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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

“I’ve had a busy time of things since the Nationals. Rabbit has been going beautifully, but Lisci has been off colour with a virus/bacterial infection. I’ve also been extremely busy teaching and riding clients horses. My new 20m x 60m arena is nearly complete and ready to use and my solarium and wash box has all been installed, now I’m just waiting for the hot water wash to be installed. The horses love the Drimee ultra solarium, and I do too especially now it’s getting colder!


Rabbit has been amazing since her break which was slightly longer than anticipated as she sustained a deep overreach injury in the field even though she was wearing overreach boots. She wasn’t lame or sore on it but I wanted it to heal before putting it under any stress with exercise. She has strengthened up beautifully and is finding her work very easy, so I’m starting to introduce more of the lateral and simple change work into her schooling. She’s also enjoying the fabulous hacking and lots of cantering. Last week I took her to run through her Novice Freestyle test plan and choose her music, she gave me a fantastic ride and the test worked very well. I got my music back yesterday and couldn’t be more happy with it, Hala Bentley did a fantastic job of putting it together. Now I’ve got to ride through it a couple of times before the 13th November when I’ll be using it for the first time, I’m very excited! Rabbit is also getting a new Black Country Saddle being made by Chris Gohl Master Saddler – he has the most amazing eye for fitting a saddle, whether it’s reflocking/remodelling an old saddle or making a new one, they are always perfectly balanced. I can’t wait to get my new saddle and feel the difference!


Lisci is now back in light work since her virus that she picked up just after the Nationals, but I’ve had to withdraw her from the Equine Pathway selection days next week as she’s not yet strong enough to do herself justice. I don’t want to jeopardise her future by pushing her too hard now. As a result of the virus she has dropped a lot of weight and muscle tone which in turn has made her quite weak, but her strength is coming back slowly. While she’s been under the weather I’ve been feeding her Restore and Fenugreek along side her usual supplements of Flax Oil, Turmeric, Hocks and Airways Plus. These products have certainly helped her in her recovery and she’s now back to herself. I’ve now got the long road of building up her strength and muscle again but we will get there I’ve just got to be patient.


I’ve got lots of nice horses to ride for clients next year so I think it’ll be quite a exciting but busy year trying to juggle work and competing nationally and internationally.”


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