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Rebecca Cowderoy Update

Chris Price

“I’ve got my times for the Nationals this week, on Thursday I have the PSG at 16:19, and the Inter 1 at 18.01 on Friday – last to go!

I’m really pleased with my times as I’m near the end in PSG and last to go in Inter 1 which is a big advantage, and also it looks like it’s going to be hot this week so I shouldn’t be in the heat of the day if it is.

Rabbit was a star on Saturday and won both Novice tests with 76.67% (Novice23) and 72.88% (Novice 39). She behaved beautifully and produced two fluent and balanced tests, although she was a little tired by the second and broke in her medium trot but I was still delighted with her. For a 4 year old she really did make it look easy and we got a 9 for our stretching on a long rein in trot with some lovely comments from both judges. Winter Regional qualification for Novice Gold is now complete. She’ll now have a break to have her Woolf teeth out and then we may have a crack at some Novice music. She’s an exciting horse for next year and the future.”


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