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Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

ShakeFree is an effective nutritional supplement for horses that need assistance with head, nose and eye comfort. The specially formulated palatable supplement helps to soothe and maintain skin condition and sensitive membranes. ShakeFree promotes normal behaviour and helps to calm nerves. ShakeFree offers quick and effective results and can be used all year for ongoing support. Suitable for all horses and ponies.

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  • A soothing herbal blend with added calming minerals
  • Reduces sensitivity, soothes airways and calms behaviour
  • Targets face and head irritants


  • Magnesium
  • Boswellia
  • Liquorice


Hay, Soybean meal, Frankincense, Magnesium Glycinate, Horseradish, Turmeric, Herbal Extracts (Liquorice, Malabar Nut, Kantakari, Ginger, Lebbeck Tree, Long Pepper, Holy Basil), Calcium Carbonate.


Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. Shakefree can be fed throughout the year.roughout the year.


"I do dressage with William and I used to dread spring/summer time as he struggled so much and was unable to be ridden. Last year I was talking to Georgina at Global Herbs who told me all about Shakefree. I decided to give it a go and I was amazed. After a few weeks all his irritation had gone, even to the point I could ride him without the nose net and face mask."


Annie & William.

“My eight year old Arab mare, Inaya Bint Bengali needed some extra support during the summer months.  After eliminating every other possible cause, and many frustrating hours spent in the arena, I rang Global Herbs Helpline...they advised that I give the Shakefree Summer Formula a try.  I tried the product, and within 48 hours, Inaya was happier and calmer.  I am amazed..thank you Global Herbs, I have my sweet, easy and gentle mare back!”


Emma Dickinson-Gater

“I was given my current horse Lulu last September, after the loss of my own horse due to injury. She had been out in the field for two years and an eventer at BYRDS training asked me if I'd like the opportunity to bring her back into work and compete her. My passion has always been dressage, and though her owner said she was an amazing jumper, she said her flatwork was poor in comparison. I jumped at the opportunity to take on the challenge as Lulu is a TB so not your archetypal dressage horse. I spent the winter bringing her back into work the correct way with my trainer, making sure she had the best start she could. She’s not easy; she rears and is extremely strong but underneath all that she is a special horse. I put her on ShakeFree and not looked back ever since. I also use FriskyMare as she is an incredibly mare-ish type, as well as FlyFree due to her sensitive skin. Throughout the season she's gone from strength to strength- from being a member of the South West BYRDs team, to winning PC area eventing and taking me to nationals. We've achieved things this season I never thought we would and I believe I owe a lot of this to Global Herbs, so thank you.”


Olivia Robertson

“I have a 16.3hh, Warmblood, chestnut gelding called Izzy who used to be so inconsistent in his head in the warmer months, he was almost unrideable. All this greatly impacted my dressage test results I would always get comments saying "tense horse" "unsteady in contact" etc. I have tried all sorts of options over the years. When we tried Shakefree initially he was on 50ml a day for a few spring/summers in a row because his issue was so bad.  We do not need to feed it over the winter, only in the spring/summer.  Now we have been feeding it for about 5/6 years, he goes onto 50ml a day for about two weeks as a loading amount then we take him down to 25ml a day and he has that everyday throughout the spring/summer.  It is fantastic, it worked almost instantly to maintain his good behaviour. I do have to combine it with a fly veil sometimes because he doesn't like the bugs around his face and will try to shake them away.  I have had a fantastic result with ShakeFree and would recommend it to everyone, not only has it maintained a rideable horse but he also looks in fantastic condition.  We use Global Herbs supplements for all our horses, our retired horses have Alphabute and Izzy sometimes has Restore in the winter.”


Felicity Sparkes

"I am writing to inform you of the fantastic results I'm having with ShakeFree. It is the only supplement that has helped my horse and he was recently placed at South of England Novice and we are now entered for our first Intermediate Novice at Pontispool. Our trainer is Eventing Magazine's Anna Bruce and she is also delighted with our progress and is of the opinion that ShakeFree has positively contributed to our success."


Kellie Pearson

“I have recently started using Global Herbs Shakefree Liquid for my horse Zarina.  She has a real aversion to flies, and during the summer period when I am riding she will spend a lot of her time distracted. Some evenings at the end of my tether I would resign to the indoor arena in an attempt to get some constructive work done.  Hacking out would be stressful instead of a relaxing experience and at competitions the overall picture of my lovely horse would be ruined.  As the eventing season takes place over the summer period, you can imagine how this has been an additional worry when competing – believe it or not we often prayed for wind and rain!! However, since putting her on Shakefree I cannot get over the difference in her.  I have been able to school outside without her getting irate or upset, we have gone on long hacks without her desperately trying to jog home and just generally she has been much happier in the field without mithering about at the gate wanting to get back inside.  As a fussy eater the liquid suits her much better and I really cannot recommend it enough – you could tell the difference within days of her being on it.”


Rachael Stokes

"We have a valuable horse who is causing us a lot of concern. ShakeFree has been wonderful after only one tub."

Mrs Wicks