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Sarc-Ex Liquid

Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

Tried & Tested For Over 15 Years

Sarc-Ex Liquid is an advanced and unique formula which provides nutritional support for the immune system of horses. The strong antioxidant herbs help the body cope while maintaining normal structure and function. This palatable supplement helps the body defend itself and aids normal repair.

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  • Natural Approach
  • Non-Invasive & Soothing Formula
  • Supports Immune System



Aqua, Holy Basil, Winter Cherry, Amla, Mango, Guduchi, Creat, Trailing Eclipta, Boerhaavia Diffusa, Kali Dudhi, Gale of the Wind, Neem, Country Mallow, Arjuna, Chebulic Myrobalan, Rohituka Tree, Prickly Chaff Flower, Bitter Apple, Makoi, Wild Indigo, Indian Fumitory.


Feed 1 x 25ml twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Keep at this feeding rate. Sarc-Ex Liquid can be fed throughout the year.


"I thought I would just drop you a quick update about my horse, Perseus. You may recall that you recommended Sarc-Ex, RigCalm and Prebioherb for him. I have been giving him all three, but he has been having the Sarc-Ex for longer than the other two. I am so impressed with the Global Herb products and cannot praise them enough. Sarc-Ex is amazing!! His skin is doing great. As far as temperament is concerned, he is still himself but without the difficult times we were previously getting! He's a much nicer person and isn't as prone to nipping either on this feeding regime. His skin and coat are looking lovely. He's looking better now that he has done for the 3 years I have had him. I cannot thank you enough for your help”.

Nicky Harrison

“I’m so happy with the results of using your Sarc-Ex powder. I have been feeding it to Haribo for around 3 months.” Fiona Civil

Fiona Civil

“I just wanted to share my story with one of your products. I spoke to a representative at Global Herbs last year regarding Sarc-Ex. My mare has always had a patch of dry skin at the top of her leg- it has never had hair on it. Then in winter time her rugs would rub it and we'd be in a vicious circle each year. With no creams ever staying in place due to where it was, I was getting worried. In summer 2013, I decided to use Sarc-Ex and I'm so pleased! Everyone always says they can't believe it! Thank you very much. My mare is currently on four scoops daily and I wish to carry on with this supplement”.

Jade Vallis

“Matty, my handsome Welsh Section D is 15 now and I bought him when he was 9 against the advice of many ‘friends’. This spring/summer I was a little more worried. My vet however recommended Sarc-Ex. I was wary having tried various other herbal approaches to no avail, but decided I would give it a try. For three months nothing much happened. But at just shy of 4 months on Sarc-Ex I am very pleased. I am truly amazed – I really didn’t think anything could achieve what Sarc-Ex did. The other great thing is the impact on his general condition. As well as (his first love) showjumping, I do also show him in both M&M and Riding Club horse classes. He’s won his classes and the overall championship the last two times out and in both cases the 2 judges who have seen him on a number of occasions over the last 6 years, both said they have never seen him looking so well – the only change to his routine or feed is Sarc-Ex…so thank you for that too. Matty is my hero horse, a superstar loved by all who ever meet him. Thank you very, very much!”

Helen Roberts

"I recently purchased my absolutely stunning Warmblood gelding Wizard. He had some minor skin problems and I was told by a number of people not to buy him despite his huge amounts of talent and potential. Not being one to generally listen to opinions I brought my boy anyway and immediately put him on Sarc-Ex as well as GlobalVite, FlaxOil and Restore. Three tubs later he is in great condition. I work in a tack shop and have not stopped raving to our customers about your products, I'm so pleased, so thank you Global Herbs!”

Rhean Peters

"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your fantastic products, namely, Sarc-Ex. I bought my driving pony 18 months ago. I am disabled, so unable to ride which is why I have taken up driving. She was two and a half years old. My vet told me it was going to cost a lot of money to help her. I found Sarc-Ex on a Google search and decided to try it. I am well aware of the good that herbs can do in my dealings with other animals. However... I didn't expect too much from it. Within 4 months things were looking good and she was comfortable between her legs, throat and mouth. After about 8 months on Sarc-Ex, she was looking great. I am absolutely delighted and very relieved and there have been no nasty side effects. I will always be on the look-out for any new ones, but I am now reassured. Thank you again for this great product!"

Tina Webb

"My husband purchased Floyd as a yearling. The following year we noticed something on his lip - We hoped it was nothing but called a vet out, but she could not really help - so we decided to try and improve Floyd's nutrition. When we contacted Global Herbs initially you advised to use liquid Restore, GlobalVite and Sarc-Ex. Initially we did not see much change but were advised to increase the rate of feeding. From then on we were much more happy. A lot of my friends and associates have followed the story and they were all suitably impressed and have recommended Sarc-Ex to other people, friends and associates."

Rosanne Benetta, Vale of Glamorgan

"I am amazed at your Sarc-Ex, my horse's skin is great now. I have recommended your products to other horse owners, thank you very much for all your help."

Julia Ann Morris-Jones

“In 2010, we bought Teddy. One day in mid-June me and my mother were shopping in a local equestrian store and were handed a Global Herbs brochure by one of the members of staff and came across the section on Sarc-Ex. My mother thought it was a good idea to try it and later that day we rang Global Herbs and spoke to one of the very helpful members of staff. They recommended a course of Sarc-Ex at 2 scoops twice daily. Within the first week we noticed Teddy’s eye was more comfortable. Now nearly a year later Teddy is on his 2 scoops daily amount and his skin and eyes are being well maintained. Thank you Global Herbs for giving my pony the life he deserved! I highly recommend Sarc-Ex to anyone! It has changed my pony’s life and mine.”

Kirsty Woodhouse

"Sarc-Ex is amazing! I want to recommend you to everyone!"

Claire Harris

"Thrilled to bits. Frankie has been on 3 tubs of Sarc-Ex. Can't believe it, vet is amazed and I have saved a lot of money. "

Mrs S Green

"Sarc-Ex - the results were amazing, his skin is looking great."

Juliet Swellgrave

"I had 101% results with this product."

Wendy Lomas