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Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

Calms Geldings & Stallions

RigCalm is designed to support the management of excitable male horses. This calming formula works quickly and is particularly useful for colts, stallions and geldings who display too much interest in mares. RigCalm promotes relaxed and good behaviour, assists performance and handling and helps to reduce aggressive behaviour. Contains chelated (easily absorbed) magnesium and potassium. Suitable for long or short term use. Do not use in stallions intended for breeding in the same year.

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  • Blend of Agnus Castus and calming herbs and minerals
  • Reduces excitability
  • For stallions and geldings
  • Powerful combination of calmer and hormonal supplement


  • Agnus Castus
  • Magnesium
  • Pointed Gourd


Chaste Berry, Magnesium Glycinate, Calcium Carbonate, Pointed Gourd, Magnesium carbonate, Long Pepper, Black Pepper, Ginger


Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. RigCalm can be fed throughout the year.


"The main point I want to stress about this product though is that it doesn't just numb the horse in every possible way. He's still his fast and responsive - unbelievably responsive - self, with a real buzz about life... Just without the nuisance naughty boy behaviour. He's a pleasure. The result RigCalm has produced has done us both a world of good and I can't recommend it enough. Thank you so much."


Holly & Flicker

“We recently decided to try RigCalm on our 10 year old Gypsy Cob gelding due to his behaviour around mares. He was used as a stallion up until 2 years ago when he was castrated. We bought him a year ago, and we soon noticed his stallion-like behaviour. After a show we decided to try RigCalm because of his stallion like behaviour in the ring. He’d been on the supplement for just 2 days and already I noticed a huge improvement, even in his work. He is far more relaxed and much less anxious. He was even able to concentrate on what I was asking him to do. I was worried the supplement would either not work or give him that sedated appearance which is certainly not the case. Thank you Global Herbs for the amazing work you do, helping both horses and their owners with supplements that really do work.”



“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of Global Herbs RigCalm. My 11 year old ISH gelding eventer, Armani, is normally very relaxed in the field and is not a rig, however recently has become distracted by the mares in the next field and started to buck, rear, paw the ground and call them over and generally wind himself up. Although not a major problem this has resulted in Armani pulling the muscles in his off hind quarter which has meant the cancellation of our first British Eventing outing of the year at South of England. So, I started to look for a way to maintain him in good condition. A friend recommended Global Herbs RigCalm which I decided to give a go.  It has been absolutely fantastic with obvious results from the first week of trialling the product. I am definitely going to be ordering more of this product for the future and will be recommending it to friends and family.”

Stacey Thompson

"I just wanted to pass on how good your product is. My 8 year old ex-racehorse (Flanders Field, by Galileo) had been on the product for 5 weeks and what a difference! Normally at events he naps and gets very excited. Last weekend he went to his first show where he was placed 3rd in the re-trained race horse class. He did not put a foot wrong! All l can say is that it works, as the difference was huge. I've just run out so l will be ordering more. I have also told other people about your product!"


Tiffany Hung

Jenny got in touch after using RigCalm on her six year old cob, Blue. Jenny said: "He calmed enough to allow us to handle him and eventually geld him. We kept him on it for a year after everyone had told us we could not do anything!"


Jenny Morgan

“I rescued my six year old Welsh/Arab as a 3 year old stallion, Buzz. He was found with two mares and two foals which were his. I had him castrated once he was strong enough and he was lovely to break in and a real friendly character towards people. However he is turned out alone and mares are a no no. "Until one day I was reading about RigCalm and decided to give it a go. After two weeks I had the shock of my life; Shetland pony, Rosie had got in his field. And they were grazing side by side. I panicked to begin with, as she is old and obviously much smaller. But the minutes turned to hours and then I noticed them both in the field shelter. Well Rosie is now a regular visitor to Buzz’s field and things are going from strength to strength. Thanks Global Herbs for giving my boy a friend.”


Sarah Beighton

After being on RigCalm for just one week Mrs Shinwell's previously 'riggy gelding' who had been badly behaved his first show, qualified for RIHS.


Mrs Shinwell

Christine contacted us after using RigCalm on her Arab, Axel, who was was very dominant and territorial to humans as well as other horses. Christine said: "He was put on RigCalm and after 14 days is as good as gold and is now turned out with a mare for company. I am delighted and cannot believe the change."


Christine Smith

"RigCalm works marvellously with my Welsh cob."


Mrs Turner, Newquay

"RigCalm is excellent, it really does what it is supposed to."

Mrs T Bott, Walsall