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Relax Capsules (large dogs)

Dogs can easily be upset by circumstances around them. This can result in poor behaviour and misery for their owner, or it can profoundly disturb the hormone systems in the body, resulting in long term stress. Normal stresses – that are quickly resolved – are a part of daily life, so once your dog has learned that what was once stressful is no longer dangerous or upsetting, then their behaviour can return to normal. Relax capsules provide your dog with an effective way of maintaining good behaviour, as long as you are able to help your dog tackle the reason for their distress. The formula is closely related to our immune system formula called ‘Defenze’ and so is full of antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. However, it has more calming action and helps your dog forget about their worries. If more powerful support is needed for time of extreme stress, then consider our ‘RelaxExtra’ capsules. Available in small capsules for small dogs (3 – 15kg) and large capsules for larger dogs (15kg+)

120 Capsules£27.76
60 Capsules£15.40
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