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Seaweed for horses 

Feeding Seaweed is a great way to provide natural trace minerals that are often lacking in a horse’s normal diet. Seaweed is often fed to maintain normal hoof health as well as to help support skin conditions due to the iodine content. The best seaweed supplement for horses is a natural and rich source with no additives or bulking agents, which is what you’ll find in each tub. This ensures that your horse will get the best levels of iodine and trace elements from the seaweed meal that you feed them. 

Seaweed is both convenient and useful for providing vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and preventing iodine deficiency. 

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Benefits of seaweed for horses: 

  • High concentration of iodine
  • Source of vitamins
  • Can help to prevent iodine deficiency
  • Highly bioavailable minerals  
  • Natural source of minerals and trace elements
  • Aids general condition 
  • Natural source of minerals and trace elements
  • Aids general condition




Feeding seaweed to horses 

Feed 5-6 x 25ml level scoops per day for an average horse with 500kg of body weight. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. Seaweed can be fed throughout the year to maintain iodine levels and support your horse's health.