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For easy breathing

In the summer months the appearance of large swathes of yellow in the fields can fill the heart of horse owners with dread and many different airborne particles start to wreak havoc. Not only do owners start sneezing but their horses have a very hard time as well. Even walking past a lush hedgerow can make things difficult to manage. Supplementation with this traditional blend of plants in syrup or powder form can be a great help. Owners start using it in the spring just as they start to sense the season is changing. It is particularly important to feed such horses correctly to maintain normality because repeated exposure to such an environment can result in long term issues that are much more difficult to come to terms with.

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  • Effective comfort
  • For use in long standing situations

Use PolleneX Liquid with:  Weez or Alphabute SUPER as required. (Syrup form is significantly weaker than the powder form of this product.)

The use of Long Pepper was first recorded through Hippocrates in ancient Greece having become part of their cuisine around the sixth century BC.

Turkey berry, Long Pepper, Malabar nut, Liquorice

For part or all of the relevant flowering season. Syrup: 25ml twice daily for an average horse. Powder: 1 blue 25ml scoop twice daily for an average size horse. Use higher levels for more severe situations. If you require more help with this product please call our advice team to discuss alternative approaches.

Camilla Hardie

"With only a week to go before Gatcombe, Dougal was started on PolleneX, and after a few days it started working. He finished the cross country full of running and his respiration rate returned to normal within the expected time. Once his 1KG tub of Pollenx ran out, within a couple of days his rapid shallow breathing had returned, so I immediately put him back on it until hopefully when Autumn comes whatever is irritating his wind has been washed away.”


Sarah Law

“I have owned my horse Maverick since he was a three year old, coming straight from Ireland and bringing him on myself. We have progressed so much and he is only 8 years old; competing at the British Riding Club National dressage championships in Lincoln, BS Club Championships and winning a local Prelim dressage championship. I am really looking forward to competing him further and currently compete at Novice level dressage, BS club at 80/90cm and cross country 2’6/2’9. My aim is to continue with unaffiliated ODE and BE event in the future. Every year throughout the spring and summer months Maverick relies on PolleneX in liquid form. I am very happy with this supplement and he maintains healthy eyes with a nose that does not run. I have seen remarkable things with this soothing product."


Pat Hardy

"I wanted to write and congratulate you on your excellent PollenX liquid product. Every year my horse, Montana, has an itchy nose and throat. This year I mentioned it to my local feed merchant and he suggested I try PollenX. I can hardly believe the results! After the first two feeds she is much more comfortable. She has also stopped trying to scratch her nose on her leg or my arm! I will certainly be recommending this product."


Mrs M Fawcett

Mrs Fawcett started using PolleneX on her 25 year old, Arab x gelding, Smudge. She explained: "I was very worried, but then tried PolleneX and it was brilliant! The vet listened to his lungs and couldn't believe how good they were."


Mrs Linda Williamson

"I have been using PolleneX for two years, I started with Restore, PolleneX and Skratch. I have never looked back, it's fabulous and my horse looks better now than she's ever looked. I only feed the maintenance level now."