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Veteran Plus

Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

Formerly known as OldAge

A dynamic first class combination of herb extracts maintaining peak condition in all horses and ponies over 16 years of age.

Senior horses often lose the 'spark' of youth.  The 'Restore' and 'ImmuPlus’ herbs in this formula can make that difference; owners get to see their horses in great condition again. 

VeteranPlus addresses the key issues : digestion and immune function. 

When these keys to wellness are balanced correctly, the whole body works in harmony and operates smoothly.

VeteranPlus works on : Energy and Flexibility, Condition and Muscle strength, Brightness, Coat richness plus Demeanour.  With the right natural approach your veteran horse can move fluidly with new levels of comfort and coordination. 


  1. Condition up in all veteran horses
  2. Powerful, natural approach for body condition, mobility and energy levels
  3. Long term maintenance of the older horse

Differences are commonly seen within as little as one week! 

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  1. Assist in correct utilisation of nutrients from feed ingested
  2. Facilitates correct flow of energy to muscles and joints
  3. Helps with integrity of gut lining and balance of gut microbes.
  4. Naturally enhances antioxidant profile

Key Active Extracts:

1)Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha)

2)Creat (Indian Echinacea)

3) Gale of the Wind


Holy Basil, Creat, Makoi, Gale of the Wind, Winter Cherry, Amla, Boerhaavia Diffusa, Mango, Guduchi, Herbal Extracts (Holy Basil, Winter Cherry, Amla, Mango)


Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. Veteran Plus can be fed throughout the year.


"Hi, I just wanted to let you all know at Global Herbs how delighted I am with the change in my 21 year old ex-racehorse. I only started him on your veteran supplement 4 days ago and he feels like a youngster again! He was stiff, lacking energy and his coat was a little dull but now he's back to his old self and even prancing about like he has a new lease of life. I had tried numerous over priced joint supplements and nothing had helped with his mobility. I had even semi retired him and was about to have him looked at by the vet fearing arthritis. Now we are back jumping and galloping about the countryside! Thank you so much for this amazing product."


Donnie used Veteran Plus on their 11 year old Shetland pony, and said:"Veteran Plus gave amazing results, helping the pony in so many ways"

Donnie Cooper, Devon

“Poppy is 22, and in 2009 we went through a rough stage where we thought she would have to be retired from her show jumping career. At this point we tried various products with little or no success. It was around January 2010 when we discovered for the first time, Global Herbs. We now use MoveFree Plus powder and Veteran Plus, and it is safe to say that we have never looked back. Within one to two months Poppy was back to herself and how I knew her when we bought her.  I regularly recommend your products to friends when their horses need help as they are so fantastic. I especially love that they are herbal and not chemically based. In August 2012 we won our section at the Wales and West Senior Amateur Championship to become Wales and West Senior Amateur Champion, and we could not have achieved this without your fantastic products, so thank you Global Herbs for making such fantastic supplements that work so well!”

Dominique O’Mahony

“Sleek Horsewear's Cher was bought out of retirement three months ago as it didn't suit her. Since then we've been on Global Herbs Veteran Plus supplement. She is 29 years young and just having completed our first hunter trials in 15 years, tanking home in second place a mere 40th of a second behind the winner. I can't recommend it enough knowing she's getting everything she needs in her later life is just a huge weight off of my mind and she's glowing from it.”

Isobel Marriot

"Your Veteran Plus supplement kept my 44 year old horse going on really well. Within 2 days I knew it was a great product."

Mrs Melanie Varrow, Kent

"I have used Veteran Plus on my 14.2hh pony since July. He is 25 years old but has now found life wonderful again! I am delighted with the results."

Mrs H Headings

"I've never seen anything like it, he really needed a good supplement. He now has sparkle in his eyes, a great coat, free movement and a great appetite. It works very quickly."

Mrs G Collins

"I have been using Veteran Plus on my 24 year old mare 'Maddie'. We fed it for her back end over the last 4 weeks. We were amazed, she is absolutely fabulous, got her appetite back and everything."  

Mrs Elaine Good