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  • Update from Camilla Hardie!

    We’ve had a busy few months since my last update… Firstly was The Blue Chip Show Jumping Championships, for the 5th consecutive year, Beau and Dougal went for their customary More…

  • Update from Sarah Gadd!

    Last weekend we went to Pachesham Equestrian Centre for the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) South East Championships. Although we have taken part in RoR sections at some British Eventing competitions, More…

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    This is ‘Chukka’ my 23yr old new Zealand bred polo mare who I have owned since late July. She was purchased through a horse sale as a happy hack, where More…

  • Update from Sarah Gadd

    We have had a week of mixed emotions here which started early Saturday morning when we said a very sad good bye to the lovely Diaz. I was incredibly sorry to More…

  • Roo Fox Burghley Update

    Roo Fox chats to us after the dressage phase, she produced a great test but landed in an unlucky placing, shes hoping to whizz round the cross country later on More…

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Maintain top-line.

A great traditional blend that helps your horse digest food efficiently and maintain healthy top-line muscles as well as other muscles in the body.  In a few days you can see a huge difference, for dressage, showing, eventing or just everyday good looks. This product is based on Fenugreek and some call it ‘Turbo-Fenugreek’. Fenugreek seeds can also be useful, but this is a far superior approach.

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  • 'Turbo' Fenugreek action

Fenugreek, Creat, Trailing Eclipta, Hurricane Weed, Pig Weed, Chebulic Myrobalan

Use 2 scoops twice daily to start with reducing to one scoop twice daily or less for maintenance.

Camilla Hardie

“At the start of the year, and eventing season, I tried Beau (pictured below) on Muscle Up. Coming out of winter and in hard work, I felt he needed an extra push to encourage his top line. He was on it for 4 months in the build up to competing at Badminton Grassroots to enable him to be at his absolute peak – which he was. The difference from using this was noticeable – he looked lean, fit and was able to be correct in his work, he felt a million bucks!

I also used it on my 4 year old who has not stopped growing all year, growing in a very uneven way. I notice when he is growing as he drops condition and muscle, so I used MuscleUp to help support his growth. It certainly supported his development. I’ll be using it again when his workload increases.”


Emily & Ivy

“Ivy is an ex-racer and is 4 years old. I’ve had her for 2 years and she’s now developing and becoming an eventer. However, dressage and show jumping use a lot of different muscles compared to the muscles she used when racing, therefore I wanted a bit of a boost to get her started and to help her to maintain a good shape and topline throughout her eventing life. At the moment it’s working brilliant!”


Mrs Denise Hewett, Sudbury

Denise started feeding her horse, Bertie, Muscle Up after he lost a lot of weight through illness. Denise said: "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful results I have had using Muscle Up on my horse Bertie. I fed him all the best feeds on the market but he didn't gain any weight. Then I put him on Muscle Up. After two weeks he was looking good, after three weeks friends started saying "Bertie looks much better." Now six weeks on I really can't believe just how good he looks, he is almost in show condition, and he is working again. I intend to keep him on Muscle Up at a maintenance rate this winter to keep him in good condition. Many, many thanks. I think Bertie would have found another winter difficult without Muscle Up."


Sara Cliston

"After using 1 tub, my 2 year old is looking great. I have now cut his food down by half, after trying many products it's the only one to work for him."


Nicky Cane

Nicky had fantastic results with Old Age and Muscle Up with her pony Bracken, a 23 year old New Forest gelding. Nicky told us she was "amazed and impressed".