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The Ultimate Magnesium Calmer

MagCalm is a unique calming food supplement based on easily absorbable complex chelated (protein bound) magnesium and potassium. Together, these ingredients help muscles work more effectively and promote calm behaviour. Magnesium is commonly deficient in many diets and pastures and is a very effective calmer. Magnesium is known to help maintain healthy muscles, calm behaviour and soothe nerves. Suitable for all horses and ponies.

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  • Assists With Nervousness
  • Highly Absorbable Magnesium
  • Maintains Normal Muscle & Nerve Function


Chelated Magnesium, Chelated Potassium


Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. MagCalm can be fed throughout the year.


Lori purchased PRE stallion, Gales Brio, as an unbroken four year old. Lorri explained: "Brio arrived in Kent full of aggressive fury, completely lacking in manners with a distinctly unpleasant attitude. His belligerence at being handled proved challenging at every turn, however little by little he gradually became more manageable. We backed him and started him and started his training under saddle. We wondered whether MagCalm would assist him in coping under the stressful situation of going to shows. Two weeks before his first show I began adding MagCalm to his feed. We were overjoyed that he seemed to accept new situations. Three weeks later, we ventured to a large outdoor show for Spanish and Lusitano horses and Brio not only won the class but also took the championships for pure and partbreds! We are convinced MagCalm enabled him to cope with the new experience and concentrate with the job in hand."

Lorri Ould, Kent

Angela and her horse Special Edition qualified for the RDA National Championships after using MagCalm. Angela said: "I can't speak highly enough of MagCalm, thank you."

Angela Kemp

"MagCalm works wonders, nothing else will touch it."

Mrs Wagg

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