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Itch & Bite Cream

Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

Soothes itching!

(Itching is a normal part of life and this cream is an ideal way of maintaining normal function in such situations) We have now combined our ideas for Itch Cream and Bite Cream to create one product that performs both functions equally well. This combination cream is for all itching horses whether they have been bitten or not. Use this cream on specific itchy spots or on large areas with care. For use over large areas water can be added to make it easier to spread evenly in a thin layer. In summer use at the base of the dock or on the crest. It is designed to be used with our range of Skratch feed supplements if there are more general concerns as it contains similar herbs to compliment this feed supplement.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Soothes itchy skin



Cedar tree, Blue Pine, Calendula officinalis


Test for one day first on a small area of skin. Then apply once or more daily, as required.


“I just wanted to let you know that about a week ago I purchased a tub of Itch & Bite Cream for my Dartmoor pony William. I took him on 2 years ago and since I have had him, he has a rug which covers his body and his face and he wears a fly mask over the top to protect his face further. I applied the Itch & Bite Cream on his muzzle and within 24 hours I really couldn't believe the change. I've been using the cream now for about a week and the difference is amazing. It works better than any other cream I've tried”.  

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Kierston Knott