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  • Roo Fox Burghley Update

    Roo Fox chats to us after the dressage phase, she produced a great test but landed in an unlucky placing, shes hoping to whizz round the cross country later on More…

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Hocks are complicated joints composed of many small bones. This formula is designed to maintain optimum bone strength in these small bones and help support optimum lubrication between them. In this way Global Herbs has discovered it is possible to maintain perfect mobility in all ages of horses that are prone to becoming stiff in this area of the hind leg. A tub of HOCKS simplifies supplementation regimes for owners trying to assist their horses with hind limb flexibility.

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If at the start of a supplementation regime with HOCKS it is considered that even more assistance is needed, owners can also use Alphabute SUPER and GlobalVite although these additions are not routinely needed. HOCKS is a combination of two other products from Global Herbs: StrongBone and Movefree.

Edible stemmed vine, Arjuna fruit, Garlic, Ginger

For a 500kg horse feed 2 blue 25ml scoops twice daily. A 1kg tub of HOCKS will last an average size horse 3-4 weeks

Laura & Harry

“I started using Ti Free in October alongside Hocks and have noticed a huge difference. Harry’s range of movement has increased hugely and he is also much more supple through his rear. The physio came on Monday and said he is now fully sound which is fantastic! Although it can be difficult to tell exactly what has caused his condition to improve, I am almost certain that the Ti Free has been one of the major contributing factors.”


Angela Gladding- March 2014

“I just wanted to give a report back on the HOCKS supplement; Blossom is 21 and has been off work due to injury last year.  In November last year she had a full body thermal imaging scan which came out well for her age. At this point she was still in the process of coming back into work and was as such in 'light' work. I started her on HOCKS I think it was the end of January when you sent me my first tub and yesterday (March 25th) she had another thermal imaging scan done.  She is now in full work and out competing regularly, and I'm pleased to say her hocks and canon bones are being really well maintained. I am really thrilled and just wanted to share this with you.”   Please send your reviews to: