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The one and only anti-fly feed supplement

Saves time, effort and money and helps your horse have a wonderful and enjoyable summer.

FlyFree provides a traditional, unique and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies. The plants in FlyFree are digested and their scents pass through to the skin where they make life much more comfortable for your horse by discouraging flies and maintaining healthy skin. Gone are the days when all the choice you have is to use sprays and nasty chemicals!

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  • All over body action
  •  Stop and start when you like
  •  Feed at night – works early in the morning
  •  Save money on sprays
  •  Feed in the morning – all day cover
  •  Soothes bites and soreness
  •  Horses don’t lick toxic chemicals (from fly sprays when grooming each other)
  •  Soothes runny eyes
  •  Quick same day action (1 hour)

Use FlyFree with:  Itch and Bite Cream, Restore, Flax Oil, GlobalVite as required.

Turmeric, Cedar tree, Garlic, Long Pepper

For an average horse use two level 25 ml scoops twice daily. This amount can be increased or decreased within reason - phone for advice first.

Nina & Tigger

"My horse loves the flavour, always comes for kisses with yellow lips though...! It's a very cheap product that really works, if you add up how much you spend on fly sprays and masks every year. Highly recommend!"


Leeann & Mr Black

"I cannot believe the difference! I have been dreading midge and fly season all winter, yet Mr B is so happy. I can’t recommend this product enough. In fact I also add it to my yearling’s feed who also finds it rather tasty and palatable – Prevention is better than cure!"


Beccy Horton

“I started using FlyFree in the summer of 2013. I had tried every fly rug and spray and none of them had made much difference. My beautiful Fjord filly had rubbed half of her mane and tail out by scratching on her stable walls. I then came across Global Herbs FlyFree, my first thought was that it smelt very strong! But Ella was quite happy to eat it in her normal feed. Within a couple of weeks of using it she was happily going out and her mane and tail gradually grew back. I used it again this year, it's definitely a product I will continue to use on all my horses in the future”.


Lucy Bellamy

“My 4 year old Appaloosa x, Breeze hates wearing her fly rug as it makes her hot and the static it causes annoys her. I put her on FlyFree a week ago, in her morning feed and she's now not worried by flies and my two tubs a week fly gel habit is now a one tub a month fly gel habit! She's so much happier and it starting working within a couple of hours. A great product that I don't have to have a loading period for”.


Lucy Blain

“My horse, Fuzz is your average sensitive Argentinian thoroughbred, who has very sensitive skin and gets extremely irritated by flies, sometimes to the point where we can’t put a saddle on him because he is so worried. We searched long and hard for a supplement that would help him through the summer months until we found FlyFree from Global Herbs. This supplement has given Fuzz a carefree summer full of competition with no worry about  him being uncomfortable, thank you Global Herbs for keeping Fuzz comfortable as he crosses the finish line!”


Mrs Jasper, Warwick

“My horses are really happy now. I haven’t needed any wipes or sprays this year at all”


Mr Roberts, Glasgow

“FlyFree has certainly done the trick for my horses. They are much more comfortable now.”


Mr Sutton, Norfolk

"The flies hardly touch her horse since using FlyFree, her skin is in great condition and now the flies do not like her she is fine. I am really impressed.”


Miss Keeley, Lincs

“Ginger suffers despite copious amounts of fly spray, cream and a rug. FlyFree really helped this year – he is much more chilled when turned out and at competitions.”


Ms Sansom, Norfolk

“My horse suffers badly with little flies going into his ears.  FlyFree is amazing.  I can have peace of  mind now all the time knowing that he can have a stress free time in the field.”


Claire Harris

“This is a story of Fred, my IDxTB 18 year old gelding.  Fred is a one in a million horse who is a character but also a gentleman and not to be faulted, he never worries, bothers or panics, except in the company of flies!! Since using FlyFree we have seen a huge difference and he is much calmer, so not only have you rescued my horse from the flies but my pocket too from fly sprays, fly rugs and creams! We also use Old Age now too and he looks great.  I am a huge advocate of Global Herbs and would like to thank you for taking the time to make our lives easier!!”  


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