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Defenze (small dogs)

This product provides specific support for maintaining the best immune system in your dog. ‘Defenze’ is a safe, nutritional approach that is unique in the world of supplements that can be used in conjunction with any of our other products or a veterinary approach. (Please remember to inform the veterinary surgeon looking after your dog.) This product gives remarkable results when used by itself and has four times the action of Echinacea: It is gently calming, supports the immune system, maintains normal cellular function when the body has been damaged and is full of antioxidants with vitamin C and E type properties. Available in small capsules for small dogs (3 – 15kg) and large capsules for larger dogs (15kg+)

60 Capsules£13.34 - Temporarily Out of Stock 
120 Capsules£24.67 - Temporarily Out of Stock