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Apple Cider Vinegar

Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

Pure and natural Apple Cider Vinegar for horses. 

It's known to support joint health, coat condition, vitality, and general wellbeing n horses and is a simple addition to your horse's diet. It's been used as a natural supplement for horses for generations and is an affordable and simple way to have a positive impact on your horse's health.  

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Benefits of apple cider vinegar for horses include: 

  • Supports joint health and aids vitality
  • Improves coat condition
  • A great source of B vitamins and vitamin C
  • Source of minerals
  • Contributes to general wellbeing 


Apple Cider Vinegar


How to feed apple cider vinegar to horses: 

Feed 2 x 25ml vinegar per day for an average 500kg horse for maximum benefit. This supplement can be fed throughout the year as part of a horse's wider nutritional plan. Pour the vinegar from the bottle, mix it into drinking water and your horse will consume it when it next needs a drink.