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Palm oil is one of the worlds leading causes of deforestation, with an estimated 15 billion trees cut down every year. This affects climate change, increases flooding and removes habitats for large numbers of animals. According to the WWF 'more than half of the worlds land-based plants and animals and three quarters of all birds live around forests'. We refuse to impact the planet using unsustainable palm oil, as there are many sustainable alternatives. We want to help support the planet we love.

Our pledge

"All of our products are palm oil free"

We've made a change, working tirelessely to ensure palm oil will not be used in any of our products. All of our products are palm oil free. Global Herbs was founded on the principles of natural sustainability, we vow to keep this promise to our customers. Our quality control team has worked closely with our suppliers to ensure ongoing shipments remain high quality, but always, palm oil free. Each product completes at least 4 stages of indepth testing before we choose to use the safe raw material. This dedication incurs additional resource, however we are meticulous about our sourcing and sustainability.

Will you support the cause?

The pledge to stop the use of unstainable palm oil starts and ends with us as humans. Palm oil continues to remain in more than half of all supermarket products. Unsustainable palm oil leads to huge deforestation, with an area the size of a football pitch being lost every 6 seconds in 2019.

We want to thank you for supporting us with this mission, which you help us with each time you purchase your favourite supplements. Although this dedication incurs additional fees, we vow never to pass that on to our customers.

The WWF are leading the way to rebuilding some of what has already been destroyed, see the great work they are doing here.

'Take care of the world around you and it will take care of you!'

Palm oil is one of the many changes we are making to improve our sustainability. Keep up to date with our latest improvements here...


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