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What is Horse Colic? | 9 Amazing Tips to Support Your Horse

Chris Price

An understanding of colic is hugely important for horse owners. Colic remains a huge problem worldwide, with an estimated 10% of all horses suffering from this condition at some stage in their life. Recognising the early signs can set owners up with the skills and knowledge they need, to respond quickly to support their horses. […]

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3 Problem Horse Skin Conditions | Excellent Ways to Support Your Horse

Chris Price

Everyone loves their horse to gleam with rich coat colour and a natural shine.  Specific horse skin conditions can thwart the plans you have for a wonderful season.  There are however many powerful easy solutions for you. Does your horse lack that perfect deep rich colour?  Poor coat colour is one of the horse skin […]

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Horse Care in Winter | 4 Best and Easy to Use Supplements

November 12, 2020 Hannah Macdonald

With the wintery weather almost upon us, we must consider several important factors for preparing and maintaining horse care in winter, especially our older ones. Horses, like people, can generally be faced with more challenges during the colder weather as they age. Hence why staying one stride ahead of the winter is important for their general […]

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5 Powerful Ways to Alleviate Flies For Horses | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Alleviate Flies For Horses! Warmer weather means more activities to enjoy with your horse, but this also means we are approaching the dreaded fly season! Even though horses are all born with a unique fly squatter (their tail) it never seems to be enough to keep away these annoying insects! Resulting in your horse receiving […]

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Equine Diet: Benefits of using horse supplements?

January 28, 2020 Global Herbs Office

Benefits of using horse supplements? Horse supplements are an important part of any modern equine diet. In the wild, horses are designed to find their food from 1000s of acres of rangeland. This is so different to domesticated life in the UK. In the wild, horses are able to choose what to eat from a […]

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4 Top Tips for Building Your Horses Immunity

Global Herbs Office

The immune system is critical for general health in people, pets, and horses alike. All living creatures are exposed daily to pathogens, bacteria, and toxins. They are unavoidable in everyday life. Horses and their humans can stay healthy in spite of exposure by building and maintaining a strong immune system. When the immune system is […]

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