Cush Support – Ehsan & Petal’s Story

June 2, 2016 James Evans

“My pony Petal was diagnosed with Cushing’s in 2012 after a laminae problem. She went on medication and returned to soundness and fitness, but started to need help with the mud, despite having been in the same fields all her life. I gave Cush Support a try last winter, hoping to give her some help […]

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LamiPro – Kate & Sparky

May 24, 2016 James Evans

Kate won a trial of LamiPro in our Friday Giveaway on Facebook. “Hi, Just thought I’d send you some pictures of my pony one a month ago (below left), and a picture today (below right) after using the LamiPro Supplement I won from you. He’s much more lively than he was, and as you can see he’s […]

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Kathryn Thanks Global Herbs for her Horses’ Success!

December 14, 2015 Sarah

“I have used a number of your products and whenever I need a different one, the Global Herbs stand at my local feed merchant (Questeeze, Hemswell) is where I go first!! There are however a number of products I couldn’t compete successfully and train my two ex-race horses without: Shakefree SuperCalm Liquid SuperCalm Instant sachets […]

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Cush Support testimonial: Debbie and Storm

March 31, 2014 Sarah

Debbie Kay from Thomas Irving Equestrian wrote in after using Cush Support on her horse Storm. Debbie said: “Storm is 23 years old and last winter was awful. This winter we have had a change of management, along with continued use of Cush Support and we’ve had the best winter ever, much less lethargy and […]

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Karen and Mary’s story: Dust-X

August 15, 2013 Richard Martin

“I have been a customer of Global Herbs for many years sporadically, however, for the last 6 months I have used the product Dust-X for my 21 year old mare. This nutritional product has significantly helped to maintain my horse’s lifestyle and way of going. We have received excellent customer service from your team and now need mobility support. […]

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LamiPro – Elizabeth & Skippy

June 10, 2013 Richard Martin

Elizabeth has owned Knightoncombe Grizzled Skipper (Skippy) since 1984, and the lovely lad is now 34 years of age. Skippy had a successful in-hand showing career, in 1986 taking 2nd at Royal Windsor Horse Show. In September 2012 Skippy unfortunately was very worrying, and the vets comments were not good; “after our time with Skippy, spanning some 29 years […]

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