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Problems and Solutions

3 Problem Horse Skin Conditions | Excellent Ways to Support Your Horse | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Everyone loves their horse to gleam with rich coat colour and a natural shine.  Specific horse skin conditions can thwart the plans you have for a wonderful season.  There are however many powerful easy solutions for you. Does your horse lack that perfect deep rich colour?  Poor coat colour is one of the horse skin […]

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What is Laminitis? 7 causes explained | Global Herbs

March 16, 2020 Chris Price

Laminitis simply means ‘inflammation of laminae in the feet’. Inflammation is swelling and ‘soreness’.

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3 common horse breathing problems and what to do?

March 2, 2020 Chris Price

3 common horse breathing problems and what to do? As with many issues, horse breathing problems, need to be identified early in order to proceed with the necessary supportive means. The following article identifies common breathing problems and the solutions that are on offer. Types of breathing horse breathing problems General infections with bacteria and viruses […]

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