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Keeping a Dinosaur happy; life in lockdown!

June 2, 2020 Chris Price

Keeping a Dinosaur happy; life in lockdown! Most horse owners and riders are lucky enough to now be able to ride, and hey- perhaps lockdown quite suits us in a lot of ways?  With unlimited sport and allowances for travel, we can enjoy the outdoors with our four legged friends (or enemies if you own […]

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What is Laminitis? 7 causes explained

March 16, 2020 Global Herbs Office

What is laminitis? 7 causes explained Laminitis simply means ‘inflammation of laminae in the feet’. Inflammation is swelling and ‘soreness’.  

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4 Top Tips for Building Your Horses Immunity

September 11, 2019 Global Herbs Office

4 Top Tips for Building Your Horses Immunity The immune system is critical for general health in people, pets, and horses alike. All living creatures are exposed daily to pathogens, bacteria, and toxins. They are unavoidable in everyday life. Horses and their humans can stay healthy in spite of exposure by building and maintaining a […]

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September 4, 2019 Global Herbs Office

My horse Liquorice was coughing a lot. I had lots of veterinary help but at the end of the day they said that it would be best to rely on nutrition and her immune system to do its job and not feed any more antibiotics. I therefore bought some Global Herbs ImmuPlus and after 2 […]

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#SUMMERPROOF your horse the natural way!

March 26, 2019 Global Herbs Office

Summer is the time to enjoy being outside with our horses, however, it is also the season of flies, pollen and lush grass, all of which bring their challenges! Global Herbs has a range of herbal products to address all of these issues, so you can keep your horse healthy, happy and performing its best, […]

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