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Chris Price

Manic eventing reports in. So on Tuesday last we headed to Portman with the Roster, Griffy and Sirius. We were towed in, that’s how bad the mid was but we got parked next to my favourite eventers, Alex and Simone Bragg, so nice. Sirius was doing his first event back and being a stallion I expected him to be wild – wrong! He was a dream – performed a beautiful test against all the names in the mud. Sadly had two down but again he is from Portugal, mud ain’t his thing. He did a lovely steady xc on a tough twisty course.

Griff did a lovely test but I may have seen a longy into the double. We took both parts pretty badly and hit the next fence too but actually jumped the last fence (a triple) really well. Forgive, who was first in, performed for his audience, gaining a 27. In the intermediate, he kicked out two poles so clearly it wasn’t big enough, plus he also hates mud and then threw a tantrum at the start. Usually I try to time it so we get there in time to get in the box and go. As the start was quite away from the warm up I got there too early and Frog decided he couldn’t possibly start under the circumstances! Luckily help was on hand and 10 seconds after we should have departed someone led me into the box and we were away with a very fast clear.

And so onto Larkhill, with Faye, Otto and Donk. It was Faye’s first outing and she did an uninspiring test; sadly I had the first fence down and a silly on the xc though it was good to get the bad stuff over in a day. Donk did a fantastic teat (though the judge felt differently) and was very show offy in the sj ring – there were lots of crowds, he rolled a pole and was a little naughty – he is at home in disgrace! He has been allowed no treats and no one is paying him any attention. Totally learnt his lesson, attention is his favourite thing!! Otto did a nice test and a fab double clear to end third – yay my first rossi on the season.

Next day we have Jess and Clive back for BE100. Jess didn’t appreciate me wearing spurs and did a rubbish test, but went on to do a lovely double clear so I was very happy. Clive did an excellent but green test for a 29, forgot about doubles on the sj so had two poles and was doing an epic job of his first BE100 till the xc steward decided to drive off while I was approaching a fence. He spooked violently as was his right and I only just stayed on! There was no way with us being 10m away from jump when it happened that we could make it so I quickly circled and popped over the fence down the step and over the skinny – they gave me 20 penalties so I complained but as ever nothing is ever in the riders favour. So very cross, but that is the sport.

Next day we were back at Larkhill schooling Jols and Watty round the novice and two new ex racers round the 90 who were surprisingly awesome, then we took the bog boys galloping and now we are preparing for Ballendenisk next week. Hope I feel better soon, not sure how much more snot there can be!


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