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What is 'molasses' and why do we not use this ingredient? It is essentially a by-product from the refining of sugar cane or beet. Traditionally it has been used to help palatability and texture. Molasses elicits quick energy boosts as it is a branched chain amino acid and derives from concentrated juice of sugarcane. A diet with heavy sugar intake can lead to wider impacts on equine health, such as laminitis, metabolic syndrome (with uneven fat distribution or weight gain) and dental problems, that can lead to digestion inadequacies.

Our pledge

"100% Molasses Free"

"100% Natural Nutrition"

We pledge not to use molasses in any of our supplements, working with our suppliers to find natural alternatives, focused on the support and wellbeing for your horse.

We keep a detailed composition for every (one of our) raw materials on file, this means we can be confident in the ingredients that make up all our expert products every time. We never add in unnecessary sugars, ensuring to complete our products with a wide range of vitamins and minerals to help support your horse.

How do Global Herbs do it?

We love to make it as easy possible for our customers to see what our supplements contain. Every one of our products has a clear back label with every ingredient in your green tub.

A highly nutritious, vitamin packed diet provides a long term solution and all round support.

We believe in crafting each product to suit the needs of our customers, fusing together ancient wisdom and modern science, to ensure we stay true to what we believe in. We are passionate about providing high quality supplements, for horses that need additional support. Natural is in our DNA.

If your horse does develop Laminitis or Metabolic Syndrome, please always consult your vet first

Being molasses free is one of the many changes we are making to improve our products. Keep up to date with our latest improvements here...


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