The all in one metabolic solution!

Metabolic Tonic

Support normal insulin and hormone levels

Maintain normal glucose levels

Assists with normal, well-distributed fat across the body including crest

Sensitive laminae stability





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Does your horse suffer with the following?

Laying down a lot of fat especially on the crest

Reoccurrence of laminitis or sensitive laminae

Difficulty controlling blood sugars or energy levels

Regular signs of tiredness and lethargy

Hormonally unbalanced

Metabolic Tonic is designed to help your horses body function well, in normal harmony with its environment supporting a healthy, naturally fit life. This brand new formula helps your horse maintain a normal metabolism reducing fat deposits and blood sugar imbalance.

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9 year old section A welsh pony


21 years old

"She has lost a lot of weight and the farrier is very pleased with her progress and said her feet are getting better!"

"This supplement has made a massive difference to him! He now has no crest at all!"

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