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Horse Tendons: Comprehensive 4 Part Guide

July 14, 2021 Chris Price

What are Horse Tendons A horse is held up by its tendons which keep the legs both straight and true.  Horses spend so much of their time standing up, having strong tendons is particularly important and most of the structures below the hock and knee joints are made up of tendons and ligaments.  Horse tendons are structures that attach a […]

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Horse Care in Winter | 4 Best and Easy to Use Supplements | Global Herbs

November 12, 2020 Chris Price

With the wintery weather almost upon us, we must consider several important factors for preparing and maintaining horse care in winter, especially our older ones. Horses, like people, can generally be faced with more challenges during the colder weather as they age. Hence why staying one stride ahead of the winter is important for their general […]

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Horse Hoof | Hoofs place in the modern day…a 2 part story | Global Herbs

Hoofs Background Horse hoofs are key to overall health. Equine hooves are rather like nails.  When our nutrition is perfect then our nails grow well, do not crack, and look wonderful. I was once in South Africa and a local said they had always had problems with their race horse’s hooves no matter what they fed […]

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6 Brilliant Tips for Calm Horses | Global Herbs

Avoiding stress and keeping calm is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As with humans when otherwise calm horses get stressed it has a big impact on other parts of their body due to an imbalance. Research shows there is an intrinsic correlation between chronic stress and the body, which can lead to […]

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What is Laminitis? 7 causes explained | Global Herbs

Laminitis simply means ‘inflammation of laminae in the feet’. Inflammation is swelling and ‘soreness’. Related Posts Laminitis in Horses | 6 Signs and Helpful Solutions | Global Herbs Laminitis in horses is hugely concerning for horses and owners alike. This term really just means inflammation (soreness) of… Read more Top Concerns of Spring Horse Pasture […]

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