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Max Stays in Great Health with our Mobility Range

Chris Price

“My gelding Max was stiff in both hocks. He had treatment but he was lame on average 4 days out of 7.

Then one of the other girls game across Global Herbs. I looked into your products and put Max on StrongBone and Movefree Plus. After just 2 weeks I noticed a massive improvement and he has been on both supplements for just over 2 years now. He is like a youngster even though he is 20 now. He still has some stiffness but is very rarely lame. Our farrier has noticed a difference in how Max lifts his legs as well and he now has his feet filed with no problems.

Max also had flaky cracking hooves and he struggled to keep shoes on for more than 4 weeks, so I put him on SupaHoof. I think your products are amazing and they have given me my happy Max back.

Thank you so much Global Herbs.

Kaye Jackson”

MoveFree Plus 1kg Front StrongBone 1kg Front SupaHoof 1kg Front


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