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Lucy & Krunchie’s Story

Chris Price

Last month Lucy got in touch with us to tell us her incredible story:

“In 2011 I was proudly sponsored by Global Herbs with my horse Krunchie, aka Wanora G. He successfully qualified and competed at HOYS showing off his Global Herbs saddle cloth.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to sell Krunchie in 2012 which lost me my sponsorship. For the past year I have been battling breast cancer which is now nearly coming to an end. Whilst lying in my hospital bed an advert came up on Facebook , it was Krunchie! Because of everything that had gone on my instant thought was “I am getting him back, you only live once!”

A week later I went to pick him up. He was being sold from the field as his owner had been having issues with him. He was seriously underweight and lifeless when I saw him again for the first time in 3 years. Having used your products before I got straight on the internet to buy some. Movefree played a massive part in  Krunchie’s a success before, I just had to keep my fingers crossed they could do the same again.

After putting on weight with good feeds and Global Herbs products GlobalVite, MuscleUp, and Movefree, I started to bring him back in to work very, very slowly. Last month I decided to bite the bullet and go to a show with Krunchie, he felt ready. He is still only 13 and hopefully has a lot of years left in him yet! We had 2 jumps down at the show, I was not disappointed as a few months ago he was a complete write off.

Not long after that we went out again, this time going double clear! I was so happy, he felt amazing. We then decided to go out again last minute to jump a Scope Festival qualifier. Not only did we jump double clear, we won the class and also qualified!

I know we are not sponsored now but I honestly cannot thank Global Herbs enough. Krunchie has been a horse of a lifetime for me and to be able to be out winning on him again is just another dream come true. He is looking after me when I’m still not as fit as I used to be. I still have my saddle cloth that you provided me with, although a little worn we still wear it with pride in the ring. If Krunchie can stay as well as this , I think next year can bring us wonderful things.”

Since Lucy contacted us, we sent her a brand new Global Herbs saddle cloth for Krunchie, and since then Lucy has sent us another email to update us on how she and Krunchie have been getting on:

“Just an update on how me and Krunchie are getting on showing off our new Global Herbs saddle cloth! We had an amazing time at Scope – just missing out on the finals.

Since then we were placed 2nd in our first Newcomers for 4 years after being reunited and also competed in a championship at Thame County Show and went home with a 6th! We would have won it if it wasn’t for the last pole in the jump off.

I now have 2 other horses on Global Herbs; my 5 year old whom I broke in whilst going through chemo, and I have also gained a ride on a horse called George. I met his owner through cancer who also  battled it like myself. This amazing lady has been a huge support to me and believes in me so much she has just purchased a very nice 3 year old for me to produce for next year.

Thank you again for everything , if it wasn’t for you guys me and Krunchie wouldn’t be where we are today”


Such a lovely story – we are really pleased that Lucy and Krunchie were reunited and that both of them are happy and healthy and living life to the full!


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