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Laura Geary’s Review of 2015

January 15, 2016 Chris Price

We have had a very mixed year and it has been filled with many highs and lows.


At the beginning of the year we took Dinero out to a few training shows where he seemed to be jumping really well and he was thoroughly enjoying it. Our first event of the season was at Tweseldown for the BE100.  Dinero finished 3rd on our dressage score of 23! So our season started well and it seemed that Dinero was back to his normal self after he had previously lost his confidence when he was jumping.

Unfortunately after this Dinero seemed to have lost his confidence jumping again and he started to have the odd stop at random fences on the course. It is such a shame as he really enjoys it. His loss of confidence started two years ago when we had a rotational fall in training, it has been since then that he has put in the odd stop. Due to this we did a few events at a lower level. However he did lovely dressage tests and show jumping rounds, but there was always one fence cross country that he didn’t trust. As a result we have taken the decision to just do dressage for a while. We will jump him occasionally so that he can have fun with the hope that his confidence will be restored. Therefore, since August, we have been taking him out to BD shows and have secured our Novice Winter Regional qualifications with some great results and some amazing marks, including getting 77% in N22. We will now move up to Elementary level and are aiming for the Summer Regionals at Elementary level.

Nightshade (EDD):

We have done a range of different things with Edd this year and we are finally starting to see results. Edd is a very sensitive horse and we have recently found out that he has two vertebrae in his spine which touch. This has not affected his ridden work, however it does sometimes make it very difficult to get on him. Due to this we have taken everything very slowly with him and that is why we have only just started to compete him properly this year.

At the beginning of the year we took him to a few unaffiliated jumping shows and a dressage show and he was very well behaved at all of them. We have also taken him XC schooling a few times (although his forte lies with Dressage). In September we affiliated him with BD and he had a great start by scoring 71.67% in N23. It was his first attempt at a Novice class so we were thrilled with him. We will continue to work on his dressage and take him out to get lots of experience. Next year we will aim for the Novice Summer regionals with him.

Crème De La Crème (Crème):

Crème is a 4yo that we got in April this year. He is partly owned by Trish Cornwell and ourselves. We have had a great time with him so far and we are very excited for next year! To start with we took him out to a UA dressage for his first show and he won with 71%!! We then took him to a little jumping show and out cross country training a few times.

In September we threw him in at the deep end, by taking him to his first ODE. Prior to this we had only been to two competitions! Despite this he was amazing and finished 5th with a double clear. As he behaved so well at this event, we then took him to his first BE event in October. We did the BE80 at Munstead. He was 3rd after the dressage with a 31.5, he then did two lovely jumping rounds with a super clear around the cross country! Since then we have been taking him out to small jumping/combined training shows. He improves more and more each time we go out. He has always been so well behaved and relaxed at shows so we are very excited for what next season will bring.

Other horses:

Over the year I have ridden and competed horses for other people as well. I had a few great events on Coast to Coast (Coast is a 14h 2 inch pony owned by Fergus Head), including completing her first unaffiliated BE100 level class where we finished with a fantastic double clear! I also took a 4yo ex-racehorse out to his first jumping and dressage shows (Max, owned by Annabel Goldie-Morrison at the time, he has since been sold to a lovely home).


I would like to say a huge thank you to Global Herbs who have given us some amazing supplements that have had great effects on our horses. We use so many of their products. We have seen fantastic results using the Movefree Plus on Dinero, you can really tell the difference when he is on the supplement. Crème is on StrongBone which is great for his skeletal development as he is still young and growing, Edd is also on StrongBone. We also use GlobalVite and Hocks. All of our horses have Global Herbs products in their feed, including our little 13H 2inch pony (Dinky) who is on StrongBone.



Dinero - Tweseldown - March Edd - May


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