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Laura Geary Update

Chris Price

“We have had a very busy July and beginning of August, with Dinero at the BD Summer Regionals at Hickstead and Edd and Creme at Chilham and Borde Hill.

Dinero was amazing at the BD Summer Regionals at Hickstead, (29th July) we finished 4th in the Elementary (silver). It was a bit frustrating because two judges had him in 1st place, but the third judge didn’t seem to agree (she marked him 25 marks lower!) so we finished 4th! I was also really pleased with the Medium test because it was only our 4th test at that level and it was in the big International Arena at Hickstead. We finished 15th (above half way) and overall we were thrilled with him. We are now taking him out to qualify for the Elementary (gold) and Medium (silver) Winter Regionals.


We were at Hickstead with Dinero on the Friday and then Creme and Edd were both eventing the next day! So it was a very busy weekend. Creme and Edd were both at Chilham on 30th July. Creme was second after the dressage with 27, just one down showjumping. He was disunited going into it, but he jumped a lovely round. Then we had the best cross country round so far. He seemed to really know his job and he stayed in a lovely rhythm the whole way around! We did have 4 too fast time penalties which dropped us down the places to 7th.

CH401582_351 CREME DE LA CREME Z Geary, Laura


Then Edd completed his first BE event! He was so well behaved all day and seemed to understand what he was doing this time! He was also second after the dressage with 26, then we had the same jump down showjumping that I had on Creme! He was amazing, he didn’t look at the marquees or anything and he really seemed to know his job! Then he was brilliant cross country, he was so much better than at the likkle ODE he had done the week before and he coped really well with the hill. Unfortunately I was very silly and didn’t ride him properly into one of the jumps at the end and he had a run out. It was completely my fault because the ear cover was falling off of his ear and I was thinking about that and not that he was losing his right shoulder. He would have finished 2nd or 3rd without that! So all in all a great weekend with all 3 horses!

On the 13th August we took Edd and Creme out to Borde Hill Horse Trials. It was only Edd’s second proper event, but he was really good again. We had a 30 dressage, then we had 3 down showjumping because he thought it was too small and just didn’t try (it was very small). We had a great clear cross country, he seems to be better and better every time out! Then Creme also had a 30 dressage and a clear showjumping. We competed at Borde Hill earlier on in the season where we were eliminated at a white boat before the water as he wouldn’t focus on it because his mind was on every thing else around it. This time we had one stop at the same fence but then he jumped it the second time and finished the course really well. It was the first time that I have gotten him to jump again once he has stopped. So not a great day on paper but we were still very pleased with both horses.”

Above photos by Spidge Photography


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