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Laura Geary Update

Chris Price

“The last couple of weekends have been very busy, with all 3 horses competing on both weekends.

Dinero and Edd have been out doing dressage for the last few weekends. On the bank holiday Monday we went to Cobham Mannor for Edd to do two Novice tests and Dinero to do his first Medium tests! Edd was very well behaved, especially considering Dinero spent most of the time calling for him, he thought the arena was terrifying when he first went in but settled for the tests to do 2 consistent tests to score 65% in both of them, finishing 3rd and 4th in his sections.

Then it was Dinero’s go, it was the first time both myself and him had ever done a Medium test and we had only done 4 Elementary tests previously. But we have now qualified for the Elementary summer regional so we thought that we would have a go at Medium! In the first test, Dinero was amazing and he was completely focused to me and what I was asking him to do, and he won with 68.96%! He wasn’t quite so focused in the second test but he still achieved 67.2% and won that class too.

Then on Saturday (4th June) Dinero and Edd were out again, this time it was to Saddlesdane. Edd did two novice tests again. We thought that his first test was the best test he had done and the judge must have agreed as he won with 71% (his first BD win ? ). He was slightly distracted in the second test because he could hear Dinero calling and banging in the lorry, however he still finished 2nd and scored 67%. These two tests were a huge improvement, and he really benefited from competing on two consecutive weekends.

Between the two competitions we tried Dinero in a double bridle for the first time and he went really well in it. At Saddlesdane he did an Elementary (the same test that we will be doing at the regionals) and another Medium. He was really good again and won the Elementary with 71% and was 2nd in the Medium with 67%. The double bridle really helped me to be able to get his focus back for the second test. I am awaiting confirmation, but I think this means that Dinero has qualified for the Medium Summer regionals as well as the Elementary regionals!

Link to Dinero’s E59 test:

On the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend we were up at 4:15 and on our way to Borde Hill with Creme. He did a great dressage test to score 25, this left us 2nd after the dressage. He then show jumped the best he has ever jumped and jumped a clear round. The cross country was a lovely course and he started really well and didn’t look at anything, until half way around there was a white upturned boat before the water. There was also a lot of other things to look at such as the Novice duck that is before the water. Unfortunately he just wouldn’t focus on his jump and his brain was fixed on everything else around him, I don’t think he registered that it was actually his jump. I think he just needs to get out and see a lot of different situations! We were pleased with his dressage and his jumping.

We decided to put an entry into a hunter trial on Sunday (5th June) to use it as a training round. He was very sticky to start with, he backed off over the first 3 jumps and had a look at a white house half way around, but after that he was enjoying it again and was taking me around.”
IMG_4024P1030145 (2)

Snapshot 2 (07-06-2016 22-55)


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