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Laura Geary Update

Chris Price

Laura’s report from a very competitive Winter Regionals at Merrist Wood with the handsome Dinero:

“Dinero was very good at the Regionals. It was a bit odd as my time was 18:30, so we arrived in the dark! First was the Elementary Gold BD Winter Regional, and my aim was to be in the top 10. We were in the Gold section because in last years rules I had to do gold due to having Medium points, so this meant I was against more experienced horses and riders. Despite this we managed to finish 7th with 68.54%. The first 3 qualified for the Nationals and 2nd and 3rd place were on 69.38% and 69.84% so it was all very close! I let Dinero go slightly over bent  near the end of the test and we lost a few marks, so we were very close and there is still a lot to work on.

A couple of days later it was the Medium Silver Regionals. There were 43 in my class so our aim was to come in the top 20. Dinero was also really good in the Medium Regionals, and we were just inside the top half which is good. He was lovely in the warm up and around the arena but then seemed to lack impulse once we started. We lost a few marks and we made a few mistakes, including picking up the wrong canter leg on a simple change which he has never done before! But he was still really good and lots to work on for the Summer Regionals where we have qualified for the Medium again.”


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