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Laura Geary Update

Chris Price

“I have been back at university for my fourth and final year for 3 weeks now and already have three essays due! A few weeks ago we did our last event of the season with Edd and Crème, both horses did the BE90 at Little Downham.

It was the toughest cross country track that we have come across this year with many jumps that Edd has never seen and that Crème hasn’t liked in the past. Edd was first by a long way after the dressage with 23, he had one down show jumping, but then two stops cross country where he didn’t understand the questions. But I was still really pleased as he jumped everything and finished, even though it was all completely new to him. Then Crème was second after the dressage with 30, we also had just one fence down show jumping (the same one), then he was clear and 13 seconds inside the time cross country to finish 6th in a very close section! At the last event we thought that he was having problems with his teeth, so this time I did the show jumping and cross country in a happy mouth with no martingale! There was a slight lack of breaks at the beginning but he loved it!

So, I am now back at university and am very lucky as mum (Helen Geary) has been riding the horses. It was nice to go home last weekend to ride them all. I jumped all 3 of them and they were really good. Dinero is loving his jumping again and we’re trying to focus on slowing him down, and Edd didn’t see much point in trying until we put the upright up to 1.20m, and then he jumped it really nicely! Finally Crème was really good as well and made nothing of the 1.20m square parallel at the end of a grid. We plan to show jump over the winter, so that we are ready for next season 🙂

Attached is a picture of Edd jumping the corner at Little Downham (he had never jumped a corner before) and also a picture of Crème.. The video link is of Crème and Edd at Little Downham. The picture of Edd was taken by Lorraine Porter.”

Watch the video here:




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