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LamiPro Supplement

Chris Price

Question. I have recently started feeding LamiPro and also would like to try Rebuilder and Alphabute SUPER. Can you feed them all together?

Answer. Feeding LamiPro with Alphabute SUPER and Rebuilder can be a great help. Although LamiPro is our main product in this area, the three supplements can be fed together effectively to support your horse through difficult times.

LamiPro is a traditional and nutritional support for the management of laminae which helps the horse digest food effectively and supports the liver in detoxifying the body. Rebuilder is an effective mix with an antioxidant type action, which supports the immune system. Rebuilder can be used in conjunction with LamiPro to support recovery and regrowth. For comfort, Alphabute SUPER can also be used alongside LamiPro and Rebuilder as a quick acting, soothing formula which contains no phenylbutazone.


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