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Kathryn Thanks Global Herbs for her Horses’ Success!

Chris Price

“I have used a number of your products and whenever I need a different one, the Global Herbs stand at my local feed merchant (Questeeze, Hemswell) is where I go first!!

There are however a number of products I couldn’t compete successfully and train my two ex-race horses without:

I have recently qualified my three dressage horses for the BD regional Championships, in both the novice open and elementary restricted classes.  If it wasn’t for your products, I don’t think it would have been possible.

Alimarr is an ex-racehorse who is fed Shakefree. Since feeding she has been much more comfortable, especially within the summer months. At a competition she becomes quite tense and holds her breath. This is usually shown by spooking at the dressage boards and flowers. I now give her a sachet of SuperCalm Instant in the morning of the competition, which helps with this tension. Alimarr is also an event horse – she isn’t the bravest across country so has been taken slowly. Within the last year she has been in the top 10 nearly every time out! She also gets the SuperCalm sachet the morning of eventing and there is a noticeable difference in her behaviour and relaxation within all three phases!

Versaace is a retired advanced event horse (due to soundness) that I have acquired to help me learn the harder dressage moves, so I can then teach the two ex-racehorses! He is given a SuperCalm Instant sachet the morning of a competition, as he gets tense when taken away from the other horses in the collecting ring.

Sam Cruise is another ex-racehorse. He has a very stressy temperament and when things get too much for him, he freezes. This is why his successful racing career ended at the age of 11. Sam gets SuperCalm Liquid every day in his feed as well as a SuperCalm Instant sachet the morning of a competition. He has recently scored 78% in an Novice open, because he was so calm!

Both Sam Cruise and Versaace have had scores submitted for team selection for the Senior Home International, England and Northern teams. Alimarr was selected for this last year and was part of the highest placed Northern team.

As you can see, without your products, my horses would not be as successful, in their second careers, for which I am very thankful.

Thank you again”


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