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Jennifer Olivier Update – Bloggity Blog Blog!

Chris Price

“Global Herbs have asked me to introduce our horses to you, and I understand that it can be boring if you don’t know me or them personally so I’ve done a quick ‘who’s who in the zoo’. I promise I will do an additional exciting blog this month to ensure I make up for it. Have a read through, it’s not long and there are some fun videos you can watch of cute foals too!

Shutterbug (Moggi):

Moggi (right) was my first horse in Great Britain. I used to live and compete in South Africa up until I emigrated here in 1996. She is a black mare, used for general all round competition including eventing and unaffiliated dressage and showjumping and is a grumpy type. We nearly lost her to colic last year so her diet and routine are closely monitored. She has an upward fixation/delayed release patella (locking stifles) which we use Global Herbs Movefree Supplement for to ensure healthy joint function. Moggi is very inconsistent when in season and therefore I would like to try FriskyMare Plus this year. I will let you know how it goes.


Meacham Roccocco (Rocco):


2 Rocco

I bought Rocco unbroken as a 5 year old and started him using natural horsemanship. He has always been a nervous, quirky horse and was a reasonable challenge to get to trust me. I found out after a number of years of owning him that he was sold to some unscrupulous dealers who in turn could not break him in and sold him on as unbroken to me.  He has come a long way, and although still nervous and flighty, I event him and we have had many successes including competing at the Badminton Grassroots championships for two years running. Rocco is on the Global Herbs SuperCalm and Movefree supplements.

Watch my head-cam footage of Milton Keynes Event Centre Novice Course 2014 here:


Little Joe (Joey):


3 Joey

Joey was bought as a remedial bucker as a project, and as it causes him stress we mainly do liberty work with him. He is a fantastic personality and is the first one to whinny when we arrive at the yard. He loves the Global Herbs Herbal Treats and will pretty much stand on his head for one. We have done so me low level unaffiliated dressage competitions on him which he won. Watch Joey doing his very first liberty training session here:


Picaroon (Pica):


4 Pica

Pica is a showjumper and we have jumped him up to 1.40m. He was also ridden at our wedding at Warwick Castle. He is a bit of a doofus, and as the only grey he feels a constant need to fit in with our bay and black horses. As a result we spend long hours chipping mud off him and bathing him. He has very poor conformation and lacked a lot of suppleness until we started him on Movefree. He has now turned his hoof to dressage and along with my husband’s dressage sponsor, Mark Townsend, he is producing some incredible tests and they are currently working on Piaffe and canter half passes (which we never thought could happen with this big moose).


Faerie Fire (Emma):


5 Emma

Emma (above right) is famous! She was bought from the incredible Emma Massingale, equine behaviourist, liberty horse trainer and general crazy person. Emma (the person) is a friend of mine and is always supportive and there to help with behaviour related questions. She sold Emma to me when she lost her lead stallion and his replacement was Emma’s half brother, Marcus.

Emma (the horse… yes it gets a bit complicated) has superb breeding. Her father, Primmore’s Pioneer, is an advanced event stallion and full brother to Primmore’s Pride, who won Silver with Pippa Funnell at the Athens Olympics. Emma was a liberty horse and appears in a number of productions with her unmistakable white strands of hair in her tail. She was bought in foal to Catherston Gold Storm and produced a stunning colt foal (Game of Thrones, a.k.a. Bam Bam) in 2014. I intended to event her but having started her flatwork I have found her talent lies in the dressage phase and I intend to exploit this amazing natural ability. She is on the Global Herbs Movefree Maintenance too and, like Joey, will do anything for the treats. She is also now on Sarc Ex so I will let you know if this makes any difference.


The Youngsters

Game of Thrones (Bam Bam):


7 Bam Bam

Bam Bam is a 2 year old colt out of Faerie Fire by Catherston Gold storm. He is my eventer of the future! This colt is a cheeky little monkey. He loves playing and has a lovely nature. Not much phases him, especially when I have a pocket full of Herbal Treats. Because the treats are molasses free and 100% natural I’m comfortable feeding them to my foals and all my horses. A little video:


MoviStar (Mouse):


8 Mouse

Mouse is Rocco’s half sister and Moggi’s daughter. She is sharp like her brother and we are working with her to improve. I have no doubt that she will go onto SuperCalm when we start her ridden career. She also has a delayed and sometimes upward fixation of the patella, and therefore is already on Movefree. Another little video:


6 Youngsters


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