Horse Digestive System – Digestion Made Easy

June 23, 2020 Chris Price

Few people realise how key digestion is to their own health.  In the same way, the horse digestive system lies at the heart of keeping your horse healthy. Although complex, an understanding of how this system works pays dividends in other areas of health. The nutrients that are absorbed from food can only be utilised […]

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Top 10 benefits of horse stretching

June 9, 2020 Chris Price

Horse stretching is a vital part of caring for your horse and can sometimes be overlooked, even though it offers fantastic benefits, such as flexibility and suppleness that can help remarkably improve your horse’s health.  The benefits of stretching over time can lead to; improved muscle growth and tone, a wider range of motion in joints […]

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How to improve horses hooves?

July 6, 2017 James Evans

Perfect Horses Hooves The old adage of ‘no foot, no horse’ is as true today as it was a hundred years ago, and I believe it will still be true in a hundred years’ time.  If you have ever owned a horse that has poor horn quality, you will know all too well the frustrations […]

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Horse Headshaking explained: Shake It Off

June 22, 2017 James Evans

Horse Headshaking explained: Shake It Off At this time of year, vets report a dramatic increase in the number of horses showing signs of “headshaking”. This is a significant neurological disease and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The abnormal movements range from small “tics” to severe and distressing jerking of the head. Most horses will shake […]

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And Breathe…

June 9, 2017 James Evans

And Breathe: A look at common breathing problems Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) is a common condition in many different types of horses. It is a performance limiting problem commonly caused by an allergic respiratory response. Signs include: – chronic cough – nasal discharge – increased respiratory rate (tachypnoea) and effort (dyspnoea) Episodes of RAO are usually […]

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Horse Fitness, by Jennifer Olivier, Veterinary Physiotherapist, MCSP

May 18, 2017 James Evans

Horse Fitness: We all know that a horse has to be fit to do his or her job but do we really know how to recognise the signs of fatigue, do we know if our training regime is enough and do we know if the horse is physically comfortable to perform the tasks we are […]

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Did you know #1

March 25, 2016 Richard Martin

Unique Advice We offer advice over the phone, absolutely FREE! We have a trained team of advisers and ultimately, if the issue you are facing is outside of their experience and training, you can talk directly with our vet, James Evans MRCVS. Yes, we know it’s an exceptional service… but hey, we think Global Herbs customers are […]

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