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It’s HOYS ahoy for GH’s Georgina Teece!

August 12, 2016 Chris Price

Georgina is our Area Sales Manager for Northern England and Scotland, and we’ve been following her adventures with her mare Ruby this summer. Here’s here latest update:

“A few months ago I heard about the class ‘Search for a Star’ which is an amateur’s showing class where the final is at HOYS. I thought it would be an event to get out and try this summer to get experience, and then maybe try to qualify for HOYS in 2017 – little did I know how the day was going to go…

After the 3am wake up call with very little sleep, I set off to the yard to find that Ruby luckily still had her plaits in, but she was covered in poo. Another full bath and we were set to go for 4am. After a tiring 3 hour drive we arrived at Vale View Equestrian Centre in Leicestershire.

I straight away walked the course then went to give Ruby the final touch ups ready to warm up. Ruby was a little spooky but jumped her socks off in the warm up so all I was hoping for was a nice steady clear and to look smart at least. After feeling so ill and nervous I decided to get it done and dusted and out of the way so I opted to go first.

Having never competed in any working hunter classes at this level before, I entered the ring feeling a little out of my comfort zone. Ruby pulled off a brilliant clear, in fact she was jumping so well she actually nearly jumped me out of the saddle twice. It certainly wasn’t the neatest of rounds I have done so I thought I was out of the competition. The next few went in and no one went clear so it started to sink in that I may be in for a shot at qualifying. It wasn’t until the last horse went in that there was another clear so four of us (the two clears then two who received 4 faults) ended up getting called back into the arena to finish the rest of the class.

Again not having a clue what to do I kind of just followed everyone else and had a lovely flowing trot, canter then gallop around. The ride judge then got on, who was well over 6ft so a slight bit too big for little 15.2hh Ruby but she seemed to go really well for him. We then stripped her off for the confirmation section where she performed a nice trot up in hand which I was super pleased with.

As the class remounted the tension was unbelievable as I don’t think anyone knew who performed best as all the horses were lovely. After a good five minute wait (which seemed like an hour) the main judge looked up and asked me to come forward. I didn’t dare think I had won until someone actually told me so. I burst into tears looking like a right soppy idiot but wow, I couldn’t believe my own horse and I were going to HOYS.

We had plenty of photos taken and also had to give an interview which was exciting, then I made my way back home amazed as to what had just happened.

We compete at HOYS on Friday the 7th of October in the afternoon in the Topspec Arena. Ruby is still being fed on FriskyMare Plus and will certainly have some SuperCalm Instants when we go to HOYS!

Our next show is the Scope Showjumping festival which is at the Staffordshire Show Ground. I compete from the 20th-25th of August, so if you’re there come and say hello!”


-Well done George, we’re all very proud of you and Ruby! – GH

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Please note: Georgina is an employee of Global Herbs Ltd, but is not sponsored or endorsed by Global Herbs Ltd in any way. 



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