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Horse with Allergies? | 1 Astonishing Cause | Global Herbs

July 14, 2020 Chris Price

A horse with allergies particularly struggles around summer. Although it is a wonderful time with the sun shining, meaning both longer and warmer days for all creatures great and small. Longer periods of sunshine increase the opportunity for fauna and flora to thrive demonstrating a beautiful array of colours and scents.. plant life releasing increased levels of pollen into the air.

What does a horse with allergies look like?

A Horse with allergies can often experience unusual sensitivities living out in the open. Some horses may have allergic reactions, these can vary from mild to severe as a result of different causes such as midge bites and high pollen counts. Symptoms of a reaction can show themselves as irritated skin, lumps and bumps, sneezing or problems with breathing. Field research has shown that horses seemingly susceptible to environmental stimulants have a tough time because of long term problems with digestive function.

Horse with allergires in field

Environmental Contaminants

A horse’s digestion is continually challenged throughout the year, summer is a time when they really need a robust immune system that is built on healthy digestion. If there is any weakness in the body, excessive heat, a large number of insects, high pollen levels combined with harsh environmental toxins can cause big problems.

Modern environmental contaminants are a particular problem because many of these chemicals act just like antibiotics. Antibiotics directly kill off good bacteria in the gut and body and can promote poor health in a horse with allergies.. when there is a challenge to the good bacteria in the gut it allows the bad bacteria that are normally kept in check by the body, to multiply. High levels of the wrong bacteria damage the gut lining and weaken a horses defences. With a weakened defence, a horse’s immune system becomes confused and ends up more stressed. During prolonged stress, some horses may even end up with metabolic disease, autoimmune disease or laminitis issues related to hormone imbalance.

Horse with allergies


So where does all this leave us? Each individual immune system is unique and responds differently to each threat it receives. Every individual horse with allergies has its own unique population of gut bacteria (called the microbiome). At Global Herbs we are proud of our powerful herbal products that can help restore the balance that your horse’s immune system craves

We have our very own advice line that you can use to talk through your horses’ problems with our trained advice team or vet.


Every horse gets bitten by flies however much we swot at them!. Itch and Bite cream is near-miraculous in the way that it calms down the lumps that happen after fly bites.

Skratch is another amazing formula that calms the skin down from the inside and helps promote faster skin recovery. It contains some very impressive digestive herbs to get the gut balance back to provides the strongest all-round management approach possible.

FlyFree is perfect for an itchy horse who is also stressed by flies, the digestive herbs help repel the flies to reduce the bother and harassment. Our citronella spray is the ideal accompaniment for that instant fix.

For horses that have particularly long term irritation concerns, it would be wise to consider Gut Support. This formula is very unique it works by encouraging the optimum balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.


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